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State Releases NCAA Notice of Allegations and NCSU response

WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243
edited December 2019 in Wolfpack Sports

NC State releases Notice of Allegations from NCAA on July 10, 2019 about payments made by former basketball coaches Mark Gottfried, Orlando Early to Dennis Smith Jr. in relation to FBI investigation, probe.




  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243
    edited July 2019

    The NCAA has alleged two Level I violations (the most severe), both connected to the recruitment of Smith and tied to former assistant coach Orlando Early and head coach Mark Gottfried. 

    There are two Level II violations connected to the use of complimentary tickets to N.C. State home games and for providing Smith with a parking pass to an N.C. State football game before he enrolled in 2016.

    “NC State is committed to the highest levels of compliance, honesty and integrity,” Chancellor Randy Woodson said in a statement. “As the university carefully reviews the NCAA’s allegations and thoroughly evaluates the evidence in order to determine our response, we are prepared to be accountable where we believe it is appropriate and to vigorously defend this great university and its Athletics program where we feel it is necessary.”

    The university received the NOA documents on Tuesday and released them on Wednesday.


  • Pack78Pack78 Posts: 401
    edited July 2019

    I realize that this is an allegation at this point in regard to the 'payment' in the links above...if everyone involved in this episode denies that it occurred (as I have read previously) then where is proof? Certainly, it may be true, but some proof must be offered...

  • RickRick Posts: 2,358PFN Referee

    Fight and sue

    Do not give in to this.

  • TheCowdogTheCowdog Posts: 144PFN Referee

    Early and Sr. did not testify about any transfers of money.

    That's what they're going with...to Pack78's view.

  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 366PFN Referee

    The payments were "equally available" to the rest of the students, therefore it was ok...like Uncheats! or something like that!

  • MikePack89MikePack89 Posts: 170

    Article I read on WRAL says payment to 6 players though only DSJ was named.

    i can speculate on others but no need. One crooked staff is far worse than 40 years of phony classes across multiple sports and coaches.

  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 366PFN Referee

    This whole thing sickens me because the "Hole thing" was shoved under a blanket to die!

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,687

    May be wrong, but the OTHERS or original 6 players were the ones named in the “Manhattan Case” filing. They were spread all over the USA. LSU, AZ, UK, Louisville, and NCSU. Can’t recall WHOM was the other one.

    There were NOT 6 NCSU players getting $$. Tickets? Parking Passes? Shoes (opps...that was a long time ago but UNC recently allowed FB players to do that to supplement Mack’s allowance(s)? Who knows. At least we have hired the UNC sheysters so we can play the game on level turf.

    Stay tunes....video at 11

  • WolfWiz11WolfWiz11 Posts: 434
    edited July 2019

    Seems like Randy is itching for a fight. Attaboy.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee
    edited July 2019

    Have you all read it? The NCAA has the balls to suggest that NC State has a track record of non-compliance and is citing 1955-1989.

    This bleeping thing is total total payback by UNC. Did Swoff, Roy and his cronies write it?

    Fight like hell... Bring UNC, Duke, etc. down with us.

    And I get that the level 1 violations are against Early and Gott and the L2 is against the school. We could roll over and probably be fine, but I say screw the @.(&:&ing hypocrisy that is the NCAA. If we get ANY punishment for what UNC and Duke do 5 times over every year, and UNC gets effectively nothing for 30 years of academic fraud (where they conveniently ignored all the illegal benefits), we really should go down swinging.

  • PIRPIR Posts: 100

    “As a show of being proactive, NC State announced that it would vacate Dennis Smith Jr’s end of game dunk against Duke which was one of the only benefits gained from his presence on the team.”

    I think that’s a quote from one of the articles. Or I might have just imagined it.

  • jppackattackjppackattack Posts: 436

    LOL. I did enjoy that one immensely. Even if as I recall it was after the clock expired. As a seasoned Pack fan I fully expect the brilliant minds at the NCAA to propose banning us from postseason play for all sports for the next 10 years for this.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,687

    During that period, we will have to have at least 10 "former student athletes" marching or being on duty at the Bell Tower (bathed in black light). They will be the sentries and must be dressed in black with a light blue "C" letter on the bodice/vest.....24X7 of course....

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,664PFN Referee

    rye is 100% right, I'd rather go down pulling the Blues (and the crooked system) with us, rather than showing our belly and have everyone laugh at us. Again.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 488
    edited July 2019

    I have submitted my email (destine for the trash file I'm sure) to our administration. I'd love for the chancellor's inbox to be absolutely flooded with emails alike. This is the absolute time for every institution named to collectively form a union against the NCAA and tell them to get f*cked. Why are 7-10 institutions held by the letter of the law when one had illegible student athletes for over 20 years...documented, investigated and proven. It does not matter if non athlete students were able to enroll in the fraudulent classes. UNC fielded teams that were predominantly made up of ineligible players f*cking PERIOD. The NCAA is completely unnecessary and inadequate. Corporations will never listen to a hand few of employees but by God, let enough come forward and start shutting down assembly lines and maybe, just maybe they'd listen.

    Hell, I'd be happy if ESPuNC just took notice of our defiance.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 488

    And why no student/fan at any NC State athletic event has not produced, sold and wore t-shirt/banners proclaiming UNC as a fraudulent school is also beyond me. Myself and about 5 buddies had t shirts made up years ago when this first broke with the phrase:

    "got academic fraud" on the back: "Unc, the land of princesses and fairy tale classes" with a pic of the tar heel wearing high heels.

    They were stupid but fun.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,664PFN Referee

    It worked when TAMU "seceded" from the Big Twelve, due to all things revolving around UT. The remaining teams took heart from that, and quit "lying back and taking it."

    That said, this would require NC State being proactive, rather than reactive. Not holding my breath at all.

  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 2,664PFN Referee
    edited July 2019

    The payments were "equally available" to the rest of the students, therefore it was ok

    That's it. Precedent has been set. The way out is clear. I know you meant kind of tongue in cheek but I'm 100% serious. We should make a one time payment to non-athlete and call it a day.

    If for nothing else just to let them know they are a bunch of fuck heads.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,664PFN Referee

    Yeah, find a really good prospective Asian grad student or something!

  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,569PFN Referee

    I think all we need to do is to show that students gave their tickets away to people over the years that were not eligible to use them. So they need to flash an ID, like no one ever let someone use that too.

    Everyone is doing it so it must be ok.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee
    edited July 2019

    BJD: The irony would be thick if UNC got off for all the crap that they did and all the stuff that was ignored, yet we go down for DSJ.

    The same irony would goes for Duke. Clearly Duke, Kentucky, UNC, etc. are the highest bidders. Adidas wasn't bidding against themselves (or UA).

    I say blow the lid off the whole @#$(*@$ thing.

    I also find it ironic that we have posters that wonder why KK isn't recruiting well...........

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,513

    Has anybody else acknowledged receipt of an NOA related to the shoe company bidding wars?

    For everybody that wants to rip Yow over this, and she's not completely blameless, the Level 1 violations being filed against the coaches instead of the institution indicates to me that the compliance area was in very good order. That likely saved our bacon from the frying pan.

    This is like the environmental auditor that finds 5-10 mis-labelled containers on a site with 2,000 properly labelled ones. It's obvious you are going to great lengths to comply and they will give you credit for that.

    My lack of love for DSJ was and has been well documented on this site and it's predecessor. Obviously a low character individual who doesn't care what happens to others as long as he gets his. He will one day play in the Philippines as captain of the Manila Folders. That will be the apex of his pro career.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee

    Tex: I don't blame DSJ. Kids have been getting paid forever. He'd be a fool to go for free.

  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,569PFN Referee

    Maybe the NCAA is trying to send a message like we could have slapped you with level 1 violations but instead found some level 2 stuff so shut up and take your medicine, however draconian it may be.

    I wonder if the law firm we hired which helped out unx will be looking over which womens team we can throw under the bus to take some of the heat off of the crown jewel,

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