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Happy 4th of July, boys!

TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 2,621PFN Referee

Hope everyone has a safe and fun time with their friends and family this year. I reckon we'll do the quintessential cookout and catch some fireworks in the evening this year.


  • Pack78Pack78 Posts: 370

    We are truly blessed to live in this country-thank you men and women that wear (or wore) our nation's uniform...after all, the Brits didn't let us leave voluntarily back in '76!

  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,555PFN Referee

    God bless America. I am glad to be here.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,626

    Happy Fourth.

    Thanks to the Patriots of yesteryear, today and tomorrow.....especially the ones in our midst....

    Also have to call out the friends, parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice while on duty.

    God Bless You ALL.

    Thanks Troll....Flag is nice....

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,459

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

    These words, penned by a slave owner and most famously uttered by Martin Luther King, Jr, demonstrate the reason why The United States is the greatest country in the history of our planet. It is a tremendous blessing to have been born here and to enjoy the results of what our predecessors built for us.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,143PFN Referee

    Random question, but an active thread. Has anyone seen Grey? He doesn’t seem to have been active since early May. Hopefully he’s just taking some time off until football.

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,575

    Yep - happy Independence Day to everyone. (And like you mentioned Rye - hopefully Grey is choosing to take a pre-football break.)

    As for Thomas Jefferson, supposedly he was against slavery, but being a farm owner...just think of him as someone who goes on about the dangers of global warming but flies around in jets all over the world.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,626

    You make a very interesting comparison.

    If we read and study and cut through the BS on TJ, he accomplished more than only a handful of men have in recorded history. But his personal life and his mistress and such, being “property” come into play. History does not tell us what if any feelings that he and his lover had or did not have for each other.

    OK, juxtapose this against Dr. King. As Tex points out, he fought for freedom for all in a nonviolent manner....and the wrath he stirred up eventually took him down. So, when you see his name on a street in almost every American city....but read the accounts of FBI audio tapes (authorized by a president and his AG brother), then his philandering and also his insatiable sexual appetite was satisfied by coerced women of his flock who worshiped him.

    To me, they are almost cut of the same cloth....I guess this is what makes America unique. We have leaders that have issues, but we tend to overlook the warts and make a judgement call as to their total impact.

    i hope on this day of independence, we can all come together and be supportive of our great nation. There is none like it. I grew up in a biased America, but always had faith. I did not have to study by a log fire like Abe, but I was hardly a child of affluence.

    Thanks to a lot of hard work, a whole lot of luck, a wonderful woman, and NCSU, I have had a nice life and will leave a good legacy. I am thankful for being an American and the opportunities that it has for all.

  • turkeydanceturkeydance Posts: 107


    life is forfeit in its pursuit.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,143PFN Referee

    If anyone knows grey “in real life,” pass on the message that we are asking about him.

  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 2,621PFN Referee

    I think Cowdog might talk with Grey outside of PFN, but CD has been MIA lately as well. Hopefully they'll pop back into the mix as football approaches.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    Rye, Thanks for asking. I lurk here - a lot - sort of waiting for, as you say, football.

    IMO This is a 'wait and see' year for our football team and program. Are the new coaches as good as they appear to be? If so we will see major improvement with out special teams, secondary and defense overall. Will the new OL coach produce on field results like he did in his previous gig?

    It's a month until fall camp. Maybe it's time to start a thread inquiring into 2019 season.

    I hope all of us are well and had an appropriately respectful 4th.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    True on both accounts. Haven't talked with Mr. DOG in some time.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,143PFN Referee

    Grey: good to hear from you. Glad that you’re still out there.. You raise some great questions for a fresh thread.

    Also, the same goes for the CowDog. I’ve not really “seen” him since baseball.

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