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Gameday at CF

I wanted to start a separate thread on the gameday experience yesterday.

1) I think the cashless concession went pretty smoothly.

2) The virtual tickets caused a huge back up for several entrances. I wish DD could have seen the 2 lines probably over 1k deep as people waited to get into the game. (I moved down a couple of gates and was able to enter without much of a delay.)

3) Good crowd, but not totally sold out.

4) Roo estimated mask outdoor masking at 25%, on my side it was considerably lower.

5) Stadium looked good.

6) Thursday nights are a challenge. The traffic in RTP is awful. Next day working is less than ideal. My kingdom for retirement and an RV parked onsite and a negative covid test.


  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,067
    edited September 4


    2). Ditto. It was a zoo. The folks with phones looked like they had never seen the message. BUT, the “part time” folks running the scanners were just as tech stupid. They never offer to help and just stood there in awe. I came in the “bag” gate of the North (PNC entrance). Total chaos. There were piles of scanners laying around and there was no “double” coverage at the gates. If they had hired student interns, it would have gone better.

    BTW….there were lots of folks running around with REAL printed tickets…..the one you buy or pick up from the WPC…..not the Season ducats that we USED to get… Scalpers were using multiple phones to accommodate their customers.

    3). My estimate of 75-80% folks in the stands. I actually did a little “area” sampling and checked out several different sections. HOWEVER, the OFFICIAL GoPack Box score says 56.2K or a “sellout”.

    4). That was meant for the restrooms…. There may have been that much for the kickoff, but as the night went on, the masks were pulled off….hopefully that can be somehow be “psychic transferred” to the well endowed ladies attending….was a lot of nice scenery. Even DW and her SIL commented about the amount of female flesh on display…

    5). Agree. CF looked good. Interesting…..there was NO usher at our entrance…..first time I can EVER remember that…

    6). Came up US 1 and exited on Hillsboro and headed to Blue Ridge. We go in the West Chase Gate. It was a piece of cake. I could not remember if the Beltline and Wade exit was open.

    OK, plan accordingly…. I have a fairly low priority number….or high if you like. I can get Parking for BB or FB in the prime PNC arena lots. Bobby Purcell told me about 10 years ago that if I wrote a check for $25K, and then kept sending in $6-8K per year, that I would snag a MH site. My MH is probably “average”, as far as “REAL value or NADA book value….so I would fit in and not drag down the neighborhood.

    My maintenance has been cheap and I do a LOT of trouble shooting and repairs….but with all expenses, figure that you will layout maybe $15-$20K, or more, per year to maintain the MH and insure it and store it and pay taxes and then add in the “ransom” and also the $500 or so, I was told, that each game’s pass costs….that will be over $10K to the WPC….LOTS of business write off MH’s the last time I sauntered through the area. BTW….that does NOT include depreciation. Mine is 12 years old I could probably fetch 20-25% of 2009 MSRP. BUT, I bought it when the manufacturer was selling them for maybe 40% of MSRP to clear their inventory…. I paid slightly over 50-55% of MSRP…. Before the crash or tanking of the economy in 2008, MH were selling for 80% of MSRP. Like BUFFETT…..I got piggish and bought when folks were selling. I bought it NEW with warranty and put an extended warranty on it…..luckiest thing I ever did…. We have had a ball and would not change a thing.

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 2,648

    Roo - I ain’t there yet! But I always say,if I had more money than I could spend, that’s exactly what I would do. You are don’t right! (And I am always soaking in your tips on planning for the future.

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