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2021 College Football Season



  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179
    edited September 9

    YOU CANNOT DO THAT. CF is totally DIGITAL. CASH not acceptrd, unless under the counter. BitCoin will be next.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 755


    I'm foaming at the mouth to buy a four thousand dollar package to stand on a platform and eat more food and drink more drinks by entering my debt card number then using apple wallet to enter the game and then using my phone again (i guess) to gain access to Tuffy's Terrace or Tuffy's scaffolding platform bar thing.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    Coastal Carolina 49….Idiotic Kansas Jayhawks 22….. The victory took place in lowly Conway SC in Brooks Stsdium…. Gotta love it…

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    I had $20 on Rock Chalk ML. Because I thought Coastal might struggle with the weight of expectations.


  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    Dudes, I thought Illinois was value today in Hooville.

    ah fucked the fuck up

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    yup, that's me, trying to bet anything other than Week 1

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    Thankfully, I also bet on Tennessee to win ($100 at +145)

  • Go Ducks!!!!!!

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    Good God, Wake is losing to Norfolk State

  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 3,625PFN Referee

    I don't know how it'll finish up but the Oregon bet looking genius. I actually checked the other site this morning for your picks, Hippo, and tailed it small $. Hope it cashes for us!

  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 3,625PFN Referee
    edited September 11

    ECU up a couple of TDs against the Cocks.

    Also, I'm curious to see how #9 Florida fairs against South Florida today.. could tell us a bit more if maybe we're actually good or if USF just sucks.

  • Pack78Pack78 Posts: 853

    UF up 7-3 late in the 1st...no shutout!

  • RickRick Posts: 3,172PFN Referee

    The bulls have 13 against fla.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    I am just rambling at this stage of the afternoon (I slept too long to nap, and my brain is confused). But I very strongly believe that a man named "Booger" should not be wearing a suit and tie.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 3,058PFN Referee

    FSU lost to Jacksonville State and ND just squeaked by Toledo. Does anyone think that was a clash of Titans, or that Norvell isn’t in over his head?

  • GasHouseGangstaGasHouseGangsta Posts: 977
    edited September 13

    I don't think the fahciliteez are that deciding of a factor on the football end, so I don't buy the invest more money argument. Sure, some of the ACC schools, not to mention other conferences, have nicer toys, but the draw of still playing for a school you grew up liking, the coaches, the proximity to family and friends, and education does in fact still play a role.

    But...while DD has done a good job not alienating high school coaches in NC (see Chuck), his onfield results are mediocre, uninspiring, and the better coaches and programs in state will shuttle their kids elsewhere. Remember, a lot of these folks have college coaching aspirations of their own and relationships. They hunt, fish, attend conferences together. The argument of look, I got so-and-so kid to the NFL only goes so far. Everybody can bring that nowadays. You better offer more.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    NC State has nothing to distinguish itself, nothing to "sell" - in our overfished, middling natural recruiting "pond." Doeren being Doeren doesn't help, but he's hardly alone in hitting the wall at NC State. Lots of approaches have been tried, and all have failed (to varying degrees).

    That's why I wanted us to pursue the SEC so badly.

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 1,151
    edited September 13

    I don't want State to give Vanderbilt a run for the basement every year.

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 1,151

    Per ESPN, USC Trojans fired their coach.

  • jppackattackjppackattack Posts: 1,098

    They're just mad Oregon has things cooking again. Hey USC, we've got a great deal on a seasoned veteran with back-to-back 9-win seasons under his belt!

  • I've said all along the best approach is to hire a coach from a small school with good character, with roots in NC, or strong ties to the area, not just token ties--as in passed through for a few years coaching, but longstanding ties developed coaching high school or small college. You never, ever, hire coaches who have inherited winning programs and cruised for a short while....NO, NO, NO. And for the record, there are plenty of small college coaches and high school coaches who turn down bigger offers at larger schools because they like what they do, where they live, and don't want to join the crazy cycle of D1 athletics.

    You look at the results against peers, take a risk, and you don't blow a wad of money doing so. You build in a ton of performance bonuses. It doesn't work out, so what, you're not out a ton of loot.

    Now, why this won't happen. AD's are mostly risk averse and pander to donors and fanbases and tweeters.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 3,058PFN Referee

    +1 to this. ECU made a great hire following that model. App had done the same with Satterfield.

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 1,151


    Maybe Roo should contact some of his well-healed alumni with some pull at the Athletic Department to start the process.


    Just kidding, of course :-) .

  • jppackattackjppackattack Posts: 1,098

    West VA winning the battle of the mountain men so far...

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