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2021 College Football Season



  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    Our ACC path looks like it DOES take us to places that Dorthy and her escorts feared….

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 3,058PFN Referee
    edited September 6

    The ACC looks like complete trash. FSU has talent but couldn’t overcome the head man. The head coach lost them that game last night.

    Clemson’s defense looks stout and I know their offense will come around, but right now they are vulnerable. If the Pack can get DL and LB play like Georgia (and that is a huge ask), then they’ve got a chance.

    Miami was totally outmatched. I don’t know that running Richt off for Manny was a good idea. They need top end talent and don’t have it.

    I cannot tell if VT over UNC means that VT is good, UNC is overrated or Howell just had a bad game. I suspect it is a bit of all three, but VT has the inside road at this point in the Coastal.

    I won’t bring up losses to MAC schools, etc…..

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    I mean, Milton's leg could still fall off at any time. That other guy was ridiculously bad. Like Daniel Evans at his most panicky.

  • GsoPackBackerGsoPackBacker Posts: 1,437

    I watched a few minutes of the ND game and decided to turn it off at the end of the 3rd quarter.

    Woke up and was quite shocked at what transpired in the 4th. Haven't figured out whether I'm happy or not to not have been sucked in to watching the remainder of the contest.

    I saw FSU running all over ND and am curious how the Head Man lost them the games.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    Maybe by starting the headless chicken at QB over Milton? And they made LOADS of unforced errors, many of which they got away with.

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 1,151

    Or not punting in an obvious punting situation.

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 594
    edited September 6

    The golden domers did not look that good. AND played stupid defense. And played stupid defense. Sorry, that beared repeating. If the babbling talking heads can spot it enough that they repeat it over and over then it's really a big mistake. ND either needs to fix their defensive game plan or they certainly won't stay in the top 20. As for Milton, that boy is the real deal, he could be trouble with a capital T.

  • MikePack89MikePack89 Posts: 267

    I thought it was pool starts with P and that rhymes with T and that stands for trouble! 🤣

  • jppackattackjppackattack Posts: 1,098
    edited September 6

    I agree, ACC is comprised of some mediocre teams and some quite awful ones as well. Which is why I see this as opportunity year, despite not believing for a second that we'll take advantage of it. I think VT only beat UNx because of their home field advantage and I fully expect Crapolina will still do enough to win their pathetic division, which frankly won't take much.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    Oh we got Trouble, right here in South Bend. Trouble with a Capital T which rhymes with P and that stands for POOL…..yazsaw…..

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,931PFN Referee

    I like that the "never punt" guy got a college job (Presbyterian). We should schedule them, it would be more fun to watch than the average cupcake.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    At the risk of getting banned…..I have been told by reliable sources that the UNC GRAD/DAD was provoked by a salty 4 letter chant that the VT Student Body started. That same Chant, appears to be a movement that happened in the Coastal Carolina game, at the Auburn game and at the Texas A&M game….Newsweek and other reliable outlets are reporting and confirming it happened today. There may be required counseling for the UNC students that attended the VT game…..I will say no more…..take it with sarcasm and a snicker…..

    I seriously doubt this will be a primal moment or movement that Arlo Guthrie sang about in the final stanza of Alice’s Restaurant…..

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 1,151

    Florida State's coach tried that out last night deep in their own end. It helped cost them the game.

  • GsoPackBackerGsoPackBacker Posts: 1,437

    Sounds like watching only 6 minutes was a good call on my part. 🙂

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    He also asked for a review of the previous play, in OT. It was reversed and he improved their field position by maybe 15 yards as the “fumble “ was ruled an incomplete pass

    His kicker had just nailed a 50+ yarder, but the review blew the play dead. Now a 35 odd FG, which he Missed!

    No score in their OT Possession. ND kicked FG. GO. IRISH PREVAILED

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,691

    Randy Edsall given “early retirement “ today after announcing yesterday that he’d retire at the end of this season. If UConn is going to stay in the Big East, they need to drop football to FCS or completely.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 3,058PFN Referee

    1984Met nailed it.

    Think about it another way. FSU had a 264-65 rushing yard advantage, averaged 5.5 yards per carry, held ND to 1.9 yards per carry (while ND attempted 35 runs) YET STILL LOST.

    It was a 17-14 game at halftime. FSU comes out and scores a quick TD and ND comes back with a quick one of their own. It's 24-20 Irish.

    Then FSU gets the ball at immediately throws a pick. It was admittedly a good play by the ND defensive back. Notre Dame then goes on a long drive and scores a TD to go up 31-20. It's the first double digit lead either team had.

    FSU gets the ball at their 25 and goes incomplete pass, run, run. It's 4th and 2 on their own 32 yard line. The play is to punt or to line up and try for an offsides but not to have a pretty shaky QB throw the ball. What does Norvell do? Go for it on 4th down with a pass play that never had a chance.

    ND immediately went long and completed a pass to the FSU 4 yard line. Two runs later they were in to be up 38-20. FSU lost 14 points on the board and had two turnovers within 7:15 seconds of actual game time.

    The head man panicked there. That was mistake number 1 and a crucial one.

    Mistake #2 was playing Travis over the former UCF QB miracle story. They'd been listed as co-starters on the depth chart (and Brian Kelly's post game press conference alluded to a two QB system numerous times). It was obvious the ESPN crew thought they might see Milton given they had the human interest story ready to roll out. Milton's leg might not hold up, but they'd obviously thought he could physically go given they listed him as a co-starter.

    Milton had done more in his worst season (freshman year) at UCF than what Travis had done in all three seasons up until then. Travis threw for 3 picks. At what point do you say "enough is enough?" Had it not been for his helmet getting ripped off, Travis probably plays the whole game. So that's mistake #2.

    Mistake #3 was the coach icing his own kicker. I get wanting to challenge to let it get closer, but given he made the kick as his coach called the timeout to challenge, Norvell effectively undermined his own kid. The unintentioned icing admittedly was a tough break, but I tend to think kicking is about ego. Tell the kid you believe in him and send him out confident.

    I've not seen anything that (to me) suggests Norvell is going to bring FSU back to former glory. I could be wrong though, but that hire felt very similar to DD's for NC State. You've got a very young head man who had inherited his previous program. Norvell took over after Fuente at Memphis, but Fuente is who performed the turn around. Norvell just "didn't screw it up." Maybe if they give him enough time he can learn on the job, and admittedly they've got him on a 6 year deal, but he just screams "in over his head" to me.

    Unrelated, but ND has now won 20 games in a row in the regular season against ACC squads.... And the ACC started a putrid 7-7 in non-conference play including 0-3 against the SEC.

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 2,682

    We are paying the price for “leaning” on basketball, our small college footprint and small crowds. I looked at some attendance of our games in 70s. They weren’t bad. We were bringing in 40k when the big boys were pulling in 50k. Now we are bringing in 50k and the bug boys are bringing in 70-80k. Whereas we were pulling in 80% of their attendance, now we are pulling in 70%.

    The best players want to play in front of the biggest crowds. They want to play big games. Until you play them on a regular basis (and more than 1) - you are fighting an uphill battle.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    UNX barely stays in top 25…..and we are #27 in AP and #29 in Coaches….and FSU is a distant object.

    I guess we see how,that plays out come Saturday night….

    I ONLY hope, with all seriousness, that the game is played and we are not glued to the TV watching a horrific scene as we did 20 years ago….

  • whitefangwhitefang Posts: 214

    Chop, I think our stadium, size, percentage attendance, tailgating, and overall game day experience are actually an asset. Sure we’re not Michigan, Penn State, OSU, or even Clemson - very few are, but we have a respectable game atmosphere. Last normal year, 2019, I think we came in 29th in the country as far as home attendance, well above the middle of the pack. And 2019 wasn’t a stellar fb year for us. Our percentage of attendance to capacity has trended close to 100 most years. And Raleigh is a great city to spend a weekend in or live in for that matter.

    I think kids we get to visit on game days, we’ll get our share. Kids with high and realistic pro aspirations, the 5 stars, are few and far between for us, but we’re a long way from the bottom. So no we won’t scare Alabama for recruits, but we’re an attractive place to play I believe.

    I remember my kids first adult visit to C-F a few years ago after years spent at larger Scott Stadium, and other trips to UNC, Wake, BofA, South Carolina, VT, and a few others. They were quite impressed. Impressed enough that they both have “adopted” us as their “2nd school”, and they now wear State shirts and hats (one was a previous UNC fan and I couldn’t beat it out of him as a kid!!!)

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 2,682

    WF - I agree, but that’s when you are comparing us to WF, Duke, UVa, GaTech, Pitt, BC, Vandy, UMd, Northwestern, Iowa State, TCU, Cal, Stanford, and Texas Tech. You see where I am going here. We are kinda like Michael Anthony Hall (or is it Anthony Michael Hall) in 16 Candles: King of the Dip$h*ts.

    We will continue to lose out on the majority of Shipley’s, Downs, the kid who went to Grimsley, and the DL who chose Clemson over us, unless we are incredibly smarter. Maybe that’s what DD is doing slowly, but surely. But if we wish to become mainstays, we have to be good and relevant. We need to invest more money in football - and we need to be smart about it: under current leadership, I have my dominant that 2nd thing.

  • GsoPackBackerGsoPackBacker Posts: 1,437

    Chop, I hear ya, but we'll likely never be that. If we could be in the final 25 every year, I'd be giddy as a school girl. We're a tier below that at least and hopefully we can take that next step.

    As for Travis Shaw, Clemson and UGA lost out on the kid. If they didn't have a shot, why would we? Insider scops.said he was a lock to Mack anyways.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,179

    The only way we get these PRIME whateevrs, is to revert back to the days when Michael Anthony came calling and had a pen and a contract…..or the equivalent of that….. not a bass guitar….

    Testing the memory of the older ones here and the “trivial pursuit” IQ of the younger ones….

    Should have added a poll….to se how MANY recognize that name….from the original character without googling.

    MY MA never played bass for Van Halen…..which I actually, don’t ask why, knew..

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 755

    Does being smarter with football include taking away seats to install another $3-4000.00 per game option at Tuffy's Terrace??? lol I know I'm foaming at the mouth to throw even more real cash at that place.

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