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Football Ticket 🎟 Resale HELP Question.

My Niece and Nephew are currently living in Switzerland, but opted to purchase their WPC LTR’s this year as they wanted to “see how it goes”. I need some advice or experience for them. Previously, we have used only CL for disposal of tickets or recycled them within the family. Since my GS, the FB buff, is in Boone at ASU, he is not my “go to”.

What resale venue is the best?

They have 4 LTR’s…..and might want to move a pair for the season. Anyone interested? I am getting more particulars as they will be coming back for a long “holiday” this fall…so I don’t know if they wanted to move a pair for the season or all 4 for specific games.

Please respond online or PM me offline.


BTW…. I noticed that ASU will be playing ECU on 9/2 and the venue will be the Cat’s place in Charlotte. That will be on the “U”. An interesting matchup of the “teachers” school on neutral turf….


  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 4,067


    FOUR Tickets. Section 26 Row X. They are face @ $399 each. No Seat Backs, but that can be added if preferred by the WPC.

    PM if interested…..

    please pass on.

    Any other ideas for sale or how to market is appreciated.

    Thanks again

  • Stub Hub is the Wolfpack Club "prefferred" option since they have a link on the Wolfpack Club My Account tab. You'll also need a Stub Hub and PayPal account. Just pick the games you want to list from the menu and it takes you to Stub Hub. I don't think the WPC has a way to link a Parking Pass sale, but I've seen Parking Passes listed for sale on the Stub Hub site.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 742

    yep, Stubhub got me for an additional $27 worth of fees on top of the $100 my desperate ass paid for an arena west parking pass.

  • RickRick Posts: 3,072PFN Referee

    Stubhub sux. Big time. Fees are killer

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 1,076

    I'm not that desperate. Think my son and I will walk a bit to get to the State/unx game this Fall.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 742

    I would've been glad to walk, I parked at west chase for 7 years, Cardinal Gibbons before that. Those two lots don't open until 5 so I bought what was available considering that. Only time in my life I've supported ticket scalping. When I had my season tickets the games I couldn't go to I sold for face value.

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