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Boo Corrigan: I've seen enough. He can go.

TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 3,390PFN Referee
edited June 26 in Wolfpack Sports

Finally, after more than two years of not having a friggin clue about how our the new AD was going to operate it appears we found out today. Today was his first time peaking his head out of the sand and it was to patronize Wolfpack fans with a "sorry about your loss" statement. That was it and that's all I needed to see. My guess is the head goes back in the sand for another couple of years while he collects paychecks.

"Boo Boo" clearly did NOT fight for us. With all the pressure against NC State athletics, we absolutely have to have someone who will fight for us and stand up for us.

Time for him to start feeling some heat and start earning his paycheck.



  • PackzingoPackzingo Posts: 230

    When I see the word “BOO”, I immediately think of someone that’s afraid easily ……. Just me!

  • wirogerswirogers Posts: 77

    Why would you want to financially support an organization that is unwilling to fight for itself? I agree and am done with my financial support. When it comes next year I plan to explain why I will no longer support the athletic programs

  • RickRick Posts: 2,980PFN Referee

    I was suspicious of any adult who refers to himself by boo. He is a week worthless "leader" but it's what we do.

    When I heard he had a clause that would extend his contract if we got punished I knew he was not going to be worth anything.

    Our university is run by idiots.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,980PFN Referee
    edited June 26

    Boo will be gone quickly if enough of the well heeled donors tell Randy the same thing. Until then, as long as the guys writing the big checks continue to write them, Boo will be here.

    We’ve seen this story with Fowler as well. The big money donors loved the access they bought, and the local media loved a guy who would get on the radio and talk about Cougars and the Lunatic Fringe.

  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 987

    Get a Willis Casey type. At least State won with him.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,980PFN Referee


    Boo is being called sasquatch. No one ever sees him. On Twitter they are saying it's the same on campus. He's not doing interviews or anything.

    It appears he's just cashing checks

  • Fastback68Fastback68 Posts: 1,212

    That response was written by a bot. Boo should be made to type 6eAwzy12 tomorrow morning before being allowed to interact with humans. Is anyone really surprised??

    I wish all future donations could be funneled into Specfic Use Only accounts. As written before, 10k for an on campus basketball arena. I don’t need a recap of all the reasons this can’t happen. Invest and maybe 500 years from now. 10k towards a brand new baseball stadium with something decent for this year’s team like The Undefeated which they were before yesterday’s bullshit. I will donate to academics and specific athletic facilities. No more just giving money to a deficient management base.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 3,859

    There is a story about Sam Esposito and Casey’s being a tightwad. Supposedly each final practice before a game, the issue of which uni to wear came up. Esposito would comment that he liked the white with red stripes as that was traditional and we had winning record.

    Guess how many uni choices we had. ONE as in singular as in White with Red stripes.

    I finished two 2 plus hour yard work stints today. I used to do a weight and aerobic workout pre Covid that was about 75 - 90 minutes depending on how exotic my side and backward walking or semi running was on the treadmill. I would really be tired. Today, I set a new record for both stupidity and exhaustion….and then had lunch and did it again….

    Had to get this mess out of my mind. I concluded that there is no hope. I also concluded that Chris Comb’s passing was a blessing as what the NCAA did would have killed him.

    We ought to start a movement for the Chris Combs Courage Award and the entire team gets it this year….

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 3,859

    Speaking of BS and Boo…..terms often used in the same sentence…..an email just popped up….here is the browser version…..

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,980PFN Referee

    That BS may as well have been written by the NCAA. It is up there with the patience Christmas card or “the letter” from Yow as sickening.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,980PFN Referee

    I wish “old trench fighter” from the other site were still alive. He’d have a field day with Boo. Along with NITStan, he is the best troll in NC State sports message board history. RIP.

  • wirogerswirogers Posts: 77

    Sorry, that is way too much BS. It is time to have a leader that will fight and at least ONCE stand in front of a microphone and say this was BS and we were screwed. I believe there are enough alumni like me that would pony up some money to pay the fine. Stand up at least once every 50 or so years!!!!

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 3,859

    I’m glad you guys (whatever) agree with me…total BS

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 2,578
    edited June 27

    Anyone notice who Boo puts first??? Seriously, is this guy for real???

    “A few points to know about this heart-wrenching situation:

    • NC State’s Athletic Department, coaches, staff and student-athletes have strictly followed the NCAA’s COVID-19 protocols, throughout the season and during the CWS.”

    this isn’t legit is it?

  • RickRick Posts: 2,980PFN Referee
    edited June 27

    Boo boo is tone deaf and stupid. He's Lee Fowler part duex.

    How wet keep getting incompetent leadership is bewildering to me

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 707

    Where is the national outcry? Where is our AD? Where is our Chancellor? Why are we at the Doak last night instead of the front door step of one of the people mentioned above????

    Someone of importance HAS to take a stand at some point right??????

  • Fastback68Fastback68 Posts: 1,212

    NCAA blames Douglas County while Douglas County blames NCAA. Boo is going to get another apology letter for his collection. He’s been on the job for 25 months according to TOS. Still learning the job of course.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,980PFN Referee

    Cc @PackAthletics @statefansnation @gopacknow https://twitter.com/ChrisSauls1/status/1408970366937075717


    Hope this comes through but I wonder if boo boo did his job?

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,492

    Boo is a child of the privileged insider class. He’s never going to rock the boat or try to move NC State athletics out of our place. I knew that by reading his resume the day he was hired. He will be our AD at least 5 more years while the NCAA dissolves and we sit around begging for someone to throw us some crumbs.


  • phcqmfdphcqmfd Posts: 89

    Looks like it is time to file the FOIA requests.

    All of you that did not like deb wished she was back. The stink she would have raised would not changed anything but it would have been fun to watch.

  • GsoPackBackerGsoPackBacker Posts: 1,391

    I've been supportive of Boo and given him the benefit of the doubt. However, he really shit the bed in his communications to all of us yesterday.

    I've got no idea what he and others did to fight this, but I do know what he said and how poorly it was done. His first statement was so lacking that it seemed someone let him know he needed to do it again.

    Sadly, the second effort only compounded the failure of the first. The whole vibe made it feel that he wasn't one of us and more of an objective mediator.

    Too bad he didn't understand that we weren't looking to be educated. If he was as smart as I thought he was, he would have picked up the phone and asked Debbie Yow to pen a response for him.

    The stink from stepping in the shit like this won't ever go away.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,980PFN Referee

    She was a lot of bark but I never saw much bite.

    But yes she was better than boo boo

  • phcqmfdphcqmfd Posts: 89

    Just wait until he gets rid of our non rev coach who are killing it. By last count debs non rev hires and hwbbc were killing it.

    Also i someone saw the wrestling championship wr got screwed twice by the refs

  • That extension with any punishment from the ncaa is a pathetic contract clause. Just says bend over quietly and take it. You will be rewarded.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,980PFN Referee

    I thought Yow was great with the non-revenue sports and it was clear she cared deeply. Her weaknesses were contract renewals, buyouts and Gott.

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