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Can the REAL Brian Keeter Stand Up - NOT YET

KingHippo gets the credit for the inspiration to research this. Sort of a crazy route....but after I read a lot, I wondered if others might be interested. I also confess that I was not aware or remember Brian Keeter. SO....first step....WHY DID I START THIS JOURNEY?

Simple. King sort of stated that Archie had not 'dissed NCSU. That is a subjective statement and the debate will rage and I am of one opinion and others might be of many. Suffice it to say, from a research standpoint, Archie Miller has not been quoted OTR as saying NCSU is a place that he will never return to. However, Daddy has stated that Archie will never go there as he "Don't trust the Higher Up's". SO, lets not debate that. BUT, I WAS curious as to what ON THE RECORD comments that Archie had made.

If you google Brian Keeter Archie Miller, you will find various reportings of the Indy Star article. I THINK that SI picked up on it. That at least, to a card carrying Anti-Archie (isn't that the NEW term for expressing your distrust and disdain?) person....it was touching. There is a YouTube video that the BTN put out....

OK...WHY? Roo is cynical and sarcastic. Truth be told, I am a softie. I had a very close relationship with a minister from 1970 - 73 in a small town in North Hampton County. I had two small kids (one was a baby). DW and I volunteered and became the UMYF Leaders for a very interesting group of church teens. I will not go into that...but it was a diverse group. We got a new minister. He as a dynamic leader. Well spoken. Well read. Could deliver a combo of Billie Graham, Oral Roberts and maybe Jerry Lee Lewis...in a sermon. VERY WELL READ. He was confined to a wheel chair.

I got the kids and some parents to help construct some ramps and also refurbish the nursery and turn it into a multi-purpose room. We put in his exercise bars and parallel bars and a new ceiling and new lighting and patched all the holes and painted it. Funny, we had never heard that word "Multipurose"...but when I read the history of the church, it states that the MYF leaders did that and it was one of the high points of the church. SO, i got a little freebie publicity.

We would chat and he and his wife and me and DW would talk after dinner. He had to go to bed, so their master bedroom became the living room. Being the inquisitive person, i asked and he told the WHOLE TALE. He was involved in the Eastern Methodist Conference as MORE than just a minister. He was, I later found out, being groomed for a high role...Bishop or whatever the grand poohbah is. He was traveling. He was preaching. He was teaching. He was leading tours to the Holy Land.

Somewhere in this whirling dirbish, he got a virus..not ONE, but probably many and they were from all over the south and the mid East. They had a synergistic relationship and attacked his body. It literally knocked him on his behind. OK...call in the first Team. He was rushed to Duke and was like taking the President to Bethesda Naval....he WAS the VIP. The course of action was all agreed to. OVERLOAD his body with antibiotics and kill the critters. That was what they did in the mid 60's. BUT, the body does strange things. Scouter and PA will have to correct or get me straight. What I recall, from our chats....his body's immune system went to sleep. The cocktail of antibiotics was fighting everything...so the starting team was pulled. Then, they hit him with steroids....that jump started or woke up the immune system. The result was that a "mass" of the body's most potent antibiotic was secreted or produced. It could have went out as a drop of sweat. He said is was PURE protein....but think a Viper's venom. If it had gone to his brain...instant death. Google UNC Jim Tatum. That was the post morteum on his death.

Instead, the globule or mass wound up on his spine. Sort of like a rash or allergy reaction. It paralyzed him from the waist down. He never lost hope. He went through so many experimental treatments. Finally, the doctor's gave up. He was sent back to Eastern NC and given our church. His wife was a prof at a local college.

His desire and his NEVER EVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE rang its bell later in 1992...Jimmy V's fight. One of the things that he talked about with his nightly routine. He had to pump a mild, very mild, buffered acetic acid solution into his urinary track to dissolve the calcium deposits... He kidded that every time he mixed and tested the solution, it was sure terror to squeeze the hand pump. if he missed, he would dissolve his 'innards... THAT stuck with me.

Fast forward some 30 years. Our former pastor was his "care provider". Our Ex-minister had been promoted to a very high position and ran one of the Methodist Conference's facilities. A true genius and executive that overcame adversity. He is dead. But, I know what happened to all his kids (they were our babysitters).

A learned man and scholar....he gave me his two record set of Jesus Christ Super Star and I dubbed it on my Sony Reel-to-Reel. I produced and directed a Powerpoint presentation before anyone knew that. It was done with two Kodak Carousel Projectors and two screens. I had all the music timed and our MYF group read the poems and the lines that DW and I wrote. I ran the audio and the video and had my trusty stop watch. It was the hit of the district UMYF quarterly meeting that we hosted. The food and such probably had NO influence. SO....every time I hear JV's words or the music from JC-SS or hear about a paralyzed person that refuses to give up....our former minister comes to mind.

Cue UP Brian Keeter....

If you do some more research, Brian has NEVER given up. He has been a guinea pig and had so many PT sessions. He was in Louisville at a KU (I think) facility and they fell in love with him and hired him. Covid took his job. He is now with Victory over Paralysis....as a Project Coordinator.

That's it....oh, BTW, if you read his blog, and if you have the "stomach", scroll down to his X-Ray....

Here is my knee so I sort of have a little empathy...except I am now about as 100% as I will ever be and can actually RUN now. Been a LONG 30 months....but I can hike several miles over some rough terrain and walk several miles on the beach with my GS and pick up my GD and toss her into the pool...and get in and out of our kayak and go out with them...

SO...How many of you remember Brian Keeter? Any stories or such? I think that he needs to be recognized as "Where are they now?" for his courage....Might twist an arm or two and see if I can nudge that idea along...


  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 2,219

    Thank you for sharing Roo. I remember Keeter and I remember when he had the accident. I think a lot of us could have ended up in a similar situation if we are Hines with ourselves. I hope his recovery continues.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,675PFN Referee

    I remember the Keeter meter fondly and had read the Doyle article a while back. Archie also seemingly kept up with Grundy, despite the latter’s documented life struggles. Arch doesn’t seem like a bad guy and I offer him no ill will.

    I sincerely wish nothing but the best for Keeter. That was a tough thing to have happen early in life, particularly for someone who had spent so much time I. Sports and fitness.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee


    Thanks for the update. That was inspiring to read. What Keeter had happen is a nightmare not just for him but his parents. I hope he does well and good for Archie keeping up with him.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 638

    I don't have it so bad after all, most of us don't. It's good to be reminded of that routinely, also good in todays media and social times that there are way more good guys/gals in the world than bad. Way more.

  • GsoPackBackerGsoPackBacker Posts: 1,210

    Sam, you're right about that. I have a family member who had a similar accident and injury just a few years prior to Brian's.

    It's actually a bit mind boggling when looking at the disparity of care for these folks. The lucky few can get into the 2 or 3 world class places in the US and the rest end end up getting the minimum wherever they can. Then the ongoing care is a mere fraction of what people need in most states. If someone has limited family resources (time and money), they have a very hard life ahead.

  • PIRPIR Posts: 127

    Thanks for the reminder about Keeter and the write-up about your minister. Good stuff to read.

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