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2020 Woman's Basketball thread

RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee
Due to demand I am setting up a new thread. 
NCSU is the reigning ACC champion and comes into the season ranked #8 in the US and #2 in the ACC.
Here is a link to the roster. https://gopack.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster
Here is a link to the schedule https://gopack.com/sports/womens-basketball/schedule

This has the potential to be a very good team. We lost 4 seniors from last year but only one had a huge impact last year as the other 3 were recovering from ACL injuries from the previous year. The Pack is stacked down low with Cunane, Jones, Brown and three other good forwards. The big question is our back court. If Perez can hold down the PG  and one of the freshmen guards can play this team could be top 10 or better this year and view for another ACC championship. This is a fun team to watch. They play hard defense and rarely have foul problems (KK should let Moore give the men some tips on this). As a team they are unselfish and will make the right pass to get the best shot available. Moore has a proven to develop players as every girl seems to flourish under his coaching. My only complain about him is he tends to play a short bench. If you have not watched them play, do yourself a favor and watch. I know women's basketball is not most people's thing but they are fun to watch and do not seem fazed by NCSU stuff. 

Here is who I believe will start.  
Elissa Cunane - She is 6'5" junior and is an amazing post player. Highly skilled and hard to stop. The only complaint I have is maybe she could add a little grit as she can be too nice at times (her nickname is the "Big Smile"). State runs a 4 out 1 in and she is a great player to handle the middle. She was first team all ACC and third team AA. She is preseason first team all ACC and AA. 

Jakia Brown-Turner (aka JBT) JBT is a 6ft soph wing player who can do it all. She can score, play defense on 1-4 and rebound. She hit the game winning shot in the ACC championship game last year and is a flat out baller. She started all year which is impressive given Moore usually brings his freshmen along slowly. She is preseason all ACC first team. If she makes the jump most players make from freshman to soph she could be scary indeed.

Kayla  Jones 6'1" stretch 4 senior. She made a splash her soph year when forced to play due to 3 ACL injuries. She made the most of her opportunities and has become a solid complimentary player. She can shoot and plays excellent defense. She also helps bring the ball up the floor against the press. Every team needs this type of player. 

Kai Crutchfield is a 5'9" senior who also was forced into action early due to the ACL injuries. She is a streaky shooter who has decent athleticism. She needs to be more consistent and show she can handle ball pressure. 

Raina Perez 5'4" grad transfer. I have never seen her play but there is a lot buzz about her coming into the year. She is supposedly a quick shooter. She average 19.8 points, 5.4 rebounds (yes you read that right) and 4.2 assists for Cal State Fullerton. If she can be anywhere close to that this year we could have a beast of a team.

Other players of note
Jada Boyd she is a 6'2" soph coming off an ACC first team freshman year. She is a match up nightmare at her size and quickness. She did not get as much time as I would have liked but I think she had too many turn overs for Moore who is very risk averse. She will be an important part of this team,

Elle Sutphin is a 6'3" freshman who red shirted last year which was really her high school senior season. She was a five star recruit before she reclassified and is a good shooter. It will be interesting to see what a year under Moore and college level coaching will do to her game. 

Article about the incoming freshmen https://gopack.com/news/2019/11/13/womens-basketball-wolfpack-adds-strong-class-on-first-day-of-early-signing-period.aspx

Articel about next years recruiting class https://gopack.com/news/2020/11/11/womens-basketball-wolfpack-inks-strong-2021-class-on-first-day-of-signing-period


  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 814
    Great write-up! I think that “big smile“ nickname came from an ESPN announcer (I am not a fan of the nickname nor the announcer). I watched Cunane at high school district tournaments two years in a row and now two years in college. Impressed with her basketball IQ growth. Looking forward to the new season.
  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 3,158PFN Referee
    thanks Rick! Hoping for a special season
  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee
    1984Met said:
    Great write-up! I think that “big smile“ nickname came from an ESPN announcer (I am not a fan of the nickname nor the announcer). I watched Cunane at high school district tournaments two years in a row and now two years in college. Impressed with her basketball IQ growth. Looking forward to the new season.

    It came from Debbie Antonelli, who is a former State player. She loves NCSU and I think it is a good nickname for EC. I love watching Cunane play. She rarely lets other players take her out of her game. If someone hacks her she just smiles and nails the free throws. 

    BTW State has another 6'4" girl who red shirted last year. A 6'3" stretch 4 and 6'1" girl who has some bulk to her as well as a 6'5" girl coming in next year (great for learning under Big Smile). Strong post play. 

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,199
    Kayla Jones makes second team All-ACC this year. Mark it down. She does everything. 
  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee
    Women are preseason 8th in AP poll and 6th is coaches poll. 
    Moore is the man. 
  • Vawolf82Vawolf82 Posts: 1,033PFN Referee
    edited November 2020

    When I read Rick's article, I realized that I had missed the ACC's screwy way of doing the women's ACC schedule:

    For the 2020-21 season, ACC women’s basketball will play a 20-game schedule, a two-game increase from last year.

    The conference is divided into three regional divisions, with home and away games played against divisional opponents, five home games against non-divisional opponents, and five away games against non-divisional opponents. 

    The two additional non-divisional games were scheduled by the conference office, with most teams being assigned one home and one away game, with a few exceptions.

    NC State

    Home-Away: Boston College, Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

    Home Only: Clemson, Miami, Notre Dame, Pitt

    Away Only: Georgia Tech, Florida State, Louisville, Syracuse

    EDIT - Italics thanks to TAT's quick response on the issues thread.

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,199
    edited November 2020

    The ACCN preseason special on the women was a good opportunity to listen to the experts take shots at the Pack in general and Cunane in particular. Cunane is soft. Cunane is slow. Cunane doesn’t block enough shots. Nobody can replace Ace shooting threes. I hope our gals watch the special and get really fired up.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee

    Under estimate Cunane at your own peril. She is a beast.

  • 4in124in12 Posts: 216

    A lot of people talk about Cunane smiling during games. I was a miler in high school. When I was kicking the last few yards, about to puke, spending whatever was left in the tank, the expression on my face was, to me, a grimace but I was often asked why I was smiling as I crossed the finish line. I think, quite often, that's the kind of smile Cunane has.

  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 3,158PFN Referee

    Interesting to see how they've set up the bench for covid preventions.. so weird.

  • 4in124in12 Posts: 216
    edited November 2020

    Women win 93 to 65. 12 players scored, 4 in double digits.

  • Hogw1ldHogw1ld Posts: 369

    Had it on in the shop. They looked good. I'm just happy for some hoopsball!

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,199

    If the women keep struggling from 3 like they did today they won’t get past the national semi-finals.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee

    I missed the game. I was traveling. Were they really bricking?

  • If you look at the team stats they were mid 30%; however, digging deeper into the box score and you see the starters where 8 or 14 (57% - Crutchfield 4-5 and Boyd 2-3). I think we are fine and someone was a tad sarcastic.

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,199

    We looked fantastic from downtown. Crutchfield and Boyd in particular. Kayla Jones at the 3 spot struggled to score but had 7 rebounds and three assists. The two bigs backing up Cunane not named Hobby played well also. Hobby was good, just not the pleasant surprise that the other two were

  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee

    If Boyd has added a three point shot she will be unreal. She is already am athletic freak

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,199

    Women play NCCU today as a replacement for Radford who had Rona problems. ACCNX

  • Vawolf82Vawolf82 Posts: 1,033PFN Referee
    edited November 2020

    Forgot about the women's game until NFL games went to half-time. 32-11 at the end of the 1st Q. Everyone but the injured/red-shirts will get a lot of time today.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee

    Girls look a little sloppy. Glad we are getting another game in before SC. Perez can play

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,199

    Only caught two different 5 minute stretches. They looked ok. Sc only beat SD by ten yesterday

  • RickRick Posts: 2,731PFN Referee

    HUGE game for the women tomorrow. They play a big, fast talented team in SC.

  • Vawolf82Vawolf82 Posts: 1,033PFN Referee
    edited December 2020

    Tacked at the top for tonight's big game.

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