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Here come ole beggin PFN ass

TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 2,851PFN Referee
Hey fellas, so I got an alert that PFN traffic is up 10x (large part due to football season being back).  So thank you for everyone for stopping by and you lurkers are urged to NOT be shy and go ahead and feel free to chime in on any topics as you see fit.  PFN relies solely on posts from our user base for content and is what makes this site go!

That said, since traffic is up I should take the opportunity to mention that in lieu of putting up a bunch of annoying advertisements PFN makes ~10/mo. (less recently) based on Amazon affiliate link on the side bar.  I'm going to keep PFN going ad free no matter what you do but if you'd like to help out offsetting hosting costs feel free to click that link (or get yourself a cool NC State covid mask with that link) and 4% of what you spend on Amazon will go directly to PFN hosting costs.

Thanks again, I appreciate each one of ya.

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