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  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 3,492
    I wondered when he would get too fat to find clothes. A waste of good oxygen. 
  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 707
    If I never see him again it'll be too soon.  What a complete dick.
  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 3,859
    We will probably do WORSE.  I remember three division president changes....and each one was lauded with :"FINALLY.....we are rid of the fat dick" (or something to that effect).

    Then in about 2 years, the usual suspects were decrying, in the break area, the inadequacies of the NEW Prez.....  These were the ones that went on a week long binge drinking fest in celebration of the OLD Prez leaving.

    Swoff will retire and have things (or maybe a statue) named after him.  He will be tidily rewarded for his years of meritorious service.....  He will be able to erect his own DOME for his personal supply of O2 as well as protect him from the nagging media when things begin to change....  OR, he will be replaced by a second in command worthless individual who will spend many hours of the day and night to prove he can "OUT SWOFF" Swoff.....in the stupidity and leaderless areas.  Only an act of immoral expanse befitting some past POTUS will be grounds for his overthrow...

    My VOTE would be for Randy Woodson.....but I don't know if I would like that.  he seems to be a little "nambly pambly" to address the real issues....

    I'd vote for Debbie....for about a 2 year tenure to air the place out and remove the "Good Ole KEROLENER network.....that rules the ivory tower....as well as the REPLAY or War Room....
  • 89BABS89BABS Posts: 103
    From the N&O:

    Top candidates to replace Swofford include West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons, Atlantic 10 commissioner Bernadette McGlade and South Florida athletic director Michael Kelly — all former ACC executives — as well as Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich and NCAA executive and former Florida State athletic director Stan Wilcox. The ACC presidents may also choose to follow the example of the Big Ten, which went outside those with connections to the league to hire Kevin Warren from the Minnesota Vikings last year.

    And Giglio weighs in with:

    Where the ACC turns for Swofford's replacement will determine if it can build off of Swofford's successes. There are two ready-made candidates in a pair of former Swofford lieutenants – Atlantic 10 commissioner Bernadette McGlade and South Florida AD Mike Kelly.

    Or the league could decide to tap Syracuse AD John Wildhack for his ESPN connections. Either way, the next commissioner will be lucky, and so will the league, if their tenure is half as successful as Swofford’s.

  • 4in124in12 Posts: 241
    Bernadette McGlade went to Chapel Hill. That should automatically exclude her.
  • 13OT13OT Posts: 82
    Swofford successes? Does he mean league expansion that added BC, Pitt, Syracuse, Miami, Louisville plus Notre Dame as a non-football member? How about no more ACC games on non-pay tv, replaced by the wonderful ACC Network and it's noon kickoffs for September games and night kickoffs for November games? Or moving the ACCT away to NYC and only occasionally to Greensboro? How about the rivalry-killing football divisions that have hammered State and WF, but have favored UNC and Duke? 

    IMHO, the new and improved ACC is anything but. All it needs now is Lee Fowler to run it farther into the ground.


  • RickRick Posts: 2,980PFN Referee
    I am not sure I would call him successful. My interest in men's sports is at a lifetime low. 
  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 3,859
    One has to wonder why Swoff, other than his UNC roots and the UNC School of Journalism (BARF!) kindred, seem to be having a field day looking up words and phrases to offer platitudes of sainthood for Herr. Swoff.

    I guess all the “media events” that the Journalists HAD to attend and the freebie meals and booze obviously had NO INFLUENCE in their writings.  All that is missing, presumably, was Pitno’s staff provided pandering females.   Since Swoff was around during the Sweet Caroline Era, maybe he knew some “obliging females” to tend bar and such.

    One thing you have to give Swoff credit for....like certain politicians, he knew how to work the press and use their influence to his own personal advantage.

    i MIGHT point out that Swoff also built up a “cash reserve” for the ACC that was, in proportion, equal to or greater than the NCAA.  Folks in the know (bankers, lawyers, etc) dropped hints of $300 - $500 MILLION.  That should keep the future hires in the ACC well paid and also able to host more press friendly events with the usual perks.
  • I know the Swof fam pretty well and he's done me a fav a time or two. He's a sharp guy. He also knows how to play the game. I kinda think what we now have as AD is akin to Swof, without the same level of acumen.
  • scouterprofscouterprof Posts: 407
    I don't like Swofford because he showed favoritism to UNC and for that reason his successor should come from outside the conference. I also hate the expanded conferences but I don't blame him for that. His hand was forced by other conferences expanding and the ACC had to go along or disappear. Maybe for NCSU it would have been better for it to disappear but as ACC commissioner he had to try and save it.  I used to work in Texas and some of my friends there, who are my age, still lament the disappearance of the old Southwest conference. 

    Swofford is smart to get out now with the changes coming to college sports. The golden age of college sports may be passing. I would not want to a commissioner or AD in this time
  • GsoPackBackerGsoPackBacker Posts: 1,391
    Truth. Swofford possesses quite a sizable girth.  Kinda the shape of a squatty bowling pin. Not pretty.

    As for his tenure as Commissioner, I think he did ok.  The schools he brought in were more reputable academic institutions than other options from what I recall.  However, I see the changes he made as being more of a follower (expansion, TV channel etc.) than a leader or innovator.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,980PFN Referee
    edited June 2020
    I don't like Swofford because he showed favoritism to UNC and for that reason his successor should come from outside the conference.

    I also hate the expanded conferences but I don't blame him for that. His hand was forced by other conferences expanding and the ACC had to go along or disappear.

    The golden age of college sports may be passing. I would not want to a commissioner or AD in this time
    Quick thoughts:
    1) I won't miss the Swoff.  He is corrupt, favors the blues, enforces inconsistently and set up a TV deal to benefit his kid.

    2) The ACC effectively put conference realignment in motion, so I don't for a second think of the league as the victim.  What did he get for it?  Three private schools (Syracuse, Miami and BC) plus VT (which he was forced to take) and Pitt.  

    3) He lost a founding member to the Big 10 in large part because he was ineffective at getting a competitive TV deal (because he wanted to toss a bone to his kid) AND because he wouldn't play the ACC tournament in DC (which was ridiculous).  We traded that for a commuter school.

    4) When the timing was right, there was a real shot to land Penn State. No deal was seemingly ever attempted when their stock was the lowest, and when JoePa's wishes (be with the Big 10 schools) were viewed the most negatively.

    While I agree with the sentiment that the college landscape has been altered, I don't believe the golden age (i.e. money for schools, ADs and coaches) has passed.  I'll do his job in a second for what he got paid.

    The next commissioner should have no link to the blues.  If the league wants to stay together, they need to align to FSU/Clemson.  If those two go to the SEC, then the league IS done -- at least as a true P5 league. 

    I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think for a second that the "grant of TV rights" mess is going to hold up in court.  It is punitive and reeks of racketeering. 

  • Pack78Pack78 Posts: 786
    IIRC, his rule cost us the annual Gator Bowl tie-in...
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 4,601PFN Referee
    I hope he chokes on the whole chicken he tries to stuff down his gullet.
  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 3,390PFN Referee
    Hey KH sighting!  Hope you making the best of it.

    Yall already know Swof got the next UNC homer already in the pipeline......
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