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Bailey and Swiney: MLB Draft

I didn't see this when I perused the other threads, and I just couldn't resist:

It seems a Wolfpack reunion of sorts is beginning on the west coast; the San Francisco Giants selected Patrick Bailey in the first round (13th overall), and in the second round picked up Nick Swiney (67th overall).  You may recall last year the Angels selected Will Wilson in the first round (indeed, this marks the first year State has had a first round selection in back-to-back years).

Bailey and Swiney were both on the way to stellar years before the season abruptly ended; it would have been interesting to see how Swiney's K-rate was impacted by conference play.  It was utterly redonkulous (is that a word?) to start the season, particularly given he was going deep into game.

As for the Giants, perhaps they are channeling some of the magic that transpired following the first round selection of a star college catcher in 2008- a fella by the name of Buster Posey, one of the centerpieces of their championship teams.  I hope to see our guys grab a ring of their own sometime! (Though I wish it would happen in a Cubs uniform!).

Congrats Patrick Bailey and Nick Swiney! Go Pack!


  • jppackattackjppackattack Posts: 947
    Dr Badger - thanks for posting this. I hadn't realized Bailey was so highly rated, I kept hearing Swiney's name as being a high draft prospect. Admittedly, I hadn't been paying that close attention and following the pre-draft talk. Glad to see more Wolfpack representatives making their way into the league!
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