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(Off Topic?) I am likely moving back to RTP after leaving for Greenville, SC in 2011

We lived in Fuquay Varina from 2004 - 2011.  Looking for Recs on where to look for buying or maybe renting.  Kids are grown and I am going into Sales so I don't have to be in a specific area.  Would consider the further outskirts for sure (Johnston or Harnett).  Thanks in advance.


  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,233PFN Referee
    Apex near 55 and 64 is a pretty nice place to live.  Depending on your timing, you should possibly rent first.  Foreclosures are coming, so there will be property out there that is cheaper in just a few months.
  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,793
    Sort of depends on what you want, land size, home size, amenities, area, etc.  We live in an “established” neighborhood that was developed from circa 1988 to maybe 2000.  When we moved in, lots of young and teenagers.  They seemed to move out and got married and such.  My daughter was a Meredith grad and swimmer and taught at our pool.  Now her ex students have kids.

    We have seen a marked increase in families with small children in the past two years.  Really nice to see the kids out biking and playing,  just a resurgence.  Our lot size is 1 acre, minimum with maybe 1.25 as average.  The school system and which schools have a major impact on demand and costs.  

    We are 20 minutes from CF & PNC & 15 from downtown.  That is great as we have season tickets to FB and BB and the NC Symphony.  

    Rent and explore is the best....take a year or so.  If there are major foreclosures, you will be in 5he driver’s seat with no contingency offer.   If you aspire to having a second home or vacation home...the extreme western Wake or Chatham county for the mountains.  Conversely, eastern or such for the coast.  Driving to a mountain place from Johnston county will add up to an hour compared to Pittsboro...

    welcome back.  FV ain’t like you left it....that’s for sure...
  • 1984Met1984Met Posts: 628
    My Great-Uncle owned a tobacco warehouse in Fuqua Varina in the 1960s and 1970s. Even though I lived in Raleigh for over half of the '80s, can't say I've been to FV since about 1970.  I'm sure it isn't that sleepy little town anymore.  For that matter, the whole Raleigh area is almost unrecognizable to me now after being away for 30 years.  I only visit GKs in Apex.  Hope you find an affordable and good location.
  • GasHouseGangstaGasHouseGangsta Posts: 543
    Welcome back, WPG. As someone who's braved the RTP housing market in the last few years, i can tell you that buying is a challenge if shopping under $500k. If it were me, I'd wait to buy. Even with the slowdown, I know people who've bought recently without entering the property. Some buyers aren't allowing people inside to look during the pandemic and some sellers don't want to go inside unless the property is vacated. Lots of video tours. There was still a lot of demand and not enough supply as of April, but I agree with Rye and others that we'll see foreclosures coming. 

     I didn't grow up in the Triangle, but I'm a 4th generation ITBer. It's all I knew when I moved here. I rented in downtown and West Raleigh for years prior to marriage; then I bought twice, once in 2008, and again in 2012, when rates and housing prices hit rock bottom. Land is expensive ITB. I'm fairly handy. Did a lot of renovation work myself on two fixer uppers. I work downtown so the convenience was important. I still own the one I bought in 2008 and rent it, and we sold the other in 2018 before our second child was born. When shopping for our current house in 2018, we got into multiple offer situations twice, once the first day a property hit the market (it had about 8 offers), and for another that had been on about 30 days. We spent a lot of time shopping. We could not find anything in our price range in the area we wanted that meet our criteria (we like the Lake Wheeler to Apex area, outside city limits, but convenient to downtown), but we still moved outside beltline. We're convenient to downtown, Apex/Cary, F-V, Garner. Because I work downtown, i wanted to stay away from anything in Wake Forest/Rolesville area, as the commute into town is a nightmare
  • RickRick Posts: 2,485PFN Referee
    I live it Wake Forest and work near Mini City. Wake Forest is growing like wildfire and they are not building the infrastructure to match the growth. 
    I go in early so my commute is not too bad. 
  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,629
    FV was the butt of a lot of Pat Patterson jokes when he did mornings on WQDR. 
  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 380PFN Referee
    Texpack said:
    FV was the butt of a lot of Pat Patterson jokes when he did mornings on WQDR. 

    I loved his shows on KIX when I was back at State in 70-72 and while working in Raleigh from 73-75. 

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,793
    Texpack said:
    FV was the butt of a lot of Pat Patterson jokes when he did mornings on WQDR. 
    Highstick said:
    Texpack said:
    FV was the butt of a lot of Pat Patterson jokes when he did mornings on WQDR. 

    I loved his shows on KIX when I was back at State in 70-72 and while working in Raleigh from 73-75. 


    My cranium Solid State (as in Petrified) Hard Drive came up with this thought....and Google confirmed....

    Along these lines.....my favorite WRAL morning man was Bob Inskeep.  As an Ex WRAL'er (TV and FM) I knew several of them and listened to them.  I worked for Bob Debardelaben (I spelled it again....CORRECTLY....he made me write it 20 times).... and have emailed and talked to many others.

    Bob Inskeep was a Duke Ministerial student who bounced around all of the Triangle.  WRAL fired him.  He went to WPTF AM.  I bought a GM aftermarket antenna and put it on my 1978 Olds Cutlass wagon to improve the reception in Sanford so I could listen to him as I drove to work.  I wrote him and he commented on his loyal listeners drilling holes in their car to add AM antennas to improve the reception.

    He is NOW in Henderson (I guess he finally got tired of the lewd and sordid world of radio and finished his degree)....

    He had a great wit and also created a lot of "characters"....

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