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Short BB Video Clips from ACCDN

Vawolf82Vawolf82 Posts: 753PFN Referee
edited March 26 in Wolfpack Sports
Just a few clips of interest

All three of MJ's half-court shots rolled into one of Top 10 plays:


One of MJ's half-court shots made #1 on Top-5 Game-Winning Shots


MJ with #2 and #5 Assist of Year


MJ's Senior Highlights


CJ's Senior Highlights


EDIT to add a few more

State's Top Plays


DJ Funderburk Highlights


Devon Daniels Highlights



  • pakfanistanpakfanistan Posts: 338
    Very cool.  Thanks!
  • Vawolf82Vawolf82 Posts: 753PFN Referee
    Two more added to the list.
  • jppackattackjppackattack Posts: 436
    Nice way to start my day, thanks for posting. I would not want to play MJ in a game of HORSE!
  • Vawolf82Vawolf82 Posts: 753PFN Referee
    Added DD's highlights
  • WolfWiz11WolfWiz11 Posts: 436
    Vawolf82 said:
    Added DD's highlights
    Uhh did I somehow miss that behind the back pass DD threw as he was going out of bounds? Was it in the highlight video? Because that was the craziest thing I saw all season. 
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