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ESPN: How RW Set Stage for Burrow and Hurts

Then Tom O'Brien told him he would no longer have his starting job.

A three-year starter at quarterback, Wilson could not accept that. What he did next took quite an emotional toll, but it fueled one of the biggest trends to shake the sport of college football -- the rise of graduate transfers.

"He said, 'Listen, son, you're never going to play in the National Football League,'" Wilson told the Wisconsin graduates. 'You're too small. There's no chance. You've got no shot. Give it up.' Of course, I'm on this side of the phone saying, 'So you're telling me I'm not coming back to NC State? I won't see the field?' He said, 'No, son, you won't see the field.'"




  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,555PFN Referee
    Reading this is like pulling the scab off of a wound that is never going to quite heal for me. 
  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243
    I didn’t know it was Avent who discovered him. 
  • Only at NC State could we have the luxury of having 2 future NFL QBs on the roster and still come out looking like a bunch of blundering idiots. I believe Wilson’s quotes were vitriolic but regardless the general public’s perception is what will persist.
  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 486
    Tom O'brien...I understand your position BUT YOU ASSHOLE when you have what would've easily been the player of the year on your roster vs a recruited talent that had done zero in game play you become the all acc players bi*ch and let him do what he wants with the hope any prayers he returns to your football team.  

    Fact is (or maybe it's my opinion) RW's style of play or the offensive play calls that needed to happen to best extort his abilities did not fit into what s.O.B wanted his offense to look like.  That dick wanted a tall pocket passer and his golden boy Glennon was just waiting in the wings.  Yes jppackattack...ONLY nc state could turn this diamond into a pile of shit we all have to re-live every time the future hall of fame quarter back Russell Wilson states "whole pack of badgers". 
  • 4in124in12 Posts: 182
    That sucked for us but it was a gift in disguise for Russell.
  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,626
    4in12 said:
    That sucked for us but it was a gift in disguise for Russell.
    My recollection was that not only did it show the ineptitude of TOB, but it also showed that he failed to achieve one of his stated goals at State.  His first pressers or such or maybe interviews stressed how long it took to develop good linemen.  So, RW learned to scramble out of pure survival.  Had he not had a few years here running and scrambling for his life (or at least personal safety), then he would not be as successful as he is.  

    When he got to WI, he had a fairly good, if not outstanding line.  Yes, there will always be instances where the blocking falls apart or someone misses a block.  But, overall, at WI, RW demonstrated that he was, even though a bit vertically challenged, a future Sunday afternoon QB.

  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243
    It is a sticking point with me when people (unaffiliated with State) tell me State cannot claim RW. I run into this frequently when speaking with others about the cadre of NFL QBs State has produced. I list them off and come to RW, and they say, “No, RW belongs to Wisconsin.” Wtf? Do you think Wiscy would have taken him for a year if he had stunk at State? It drives me crazy. They are just ignorant. 
  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 486
    Wulfpack said:
    It is a sticking point with me when people (unaffiliated with State) tell me State cannot claim RW. I run into this frequently when speaking with others about the cadre of NFL QBs State has produced. I list them off and come to RW, and they say, “No, RW belongs to Wisconsin.” Wtf? Do you think Wiscy would have taken him for a year if he had stunk at State? It drives me crazy. They are just ignorant. 
    Russell Wilson is a graduate of THE North Carolina State University with a bachelors in communication period.  He has not completed any graduate school courses from Wisconsin.  I started my education at UNCW but did not complete my degree there..I am not an alumni of UNCW.  

    Again, thank you tom obrien for being the gasoline that continues to fuel these wtf debates.
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,645PFN Referee
    Yep.  Does he have a degree?  YES.  Were we the only reason he got a start on his career?  YES AGAIN.

    I get that there is some bad blood with TOB, and if he really said those things (which I doubt, anger clouds the memory like nothing else but time), he should be ashamed.

    But he made a promise to Mike Glennon based on assurances RW had given.  Otherwise HE would have transferred.  And EVERYBODY thought Glennon was the better NFL prospect at the time.  RW said he was going baseball, then changed his mind.  It would be "break a promise to Glennon and forfeit two years of Glennon v. one more year of RW."

    It only looks bad in hindsight, and is manifestly unfair to TOB (and I don't carry water for him in the least, that dude in a lady's gardening straw hat).

    RW really needs to let it go.  NC State has made its peace with him, and he's probably still the most beloved QB we have ever had (Rivers was much less consistently popular with teammates, his personality is kind of grating).  Be the bigger man.  Live out the Christianity that you profess.
  • This is just impossible to Express and not come very close to crossing the line for me. TOB was just hyper stupid and really showed his absolute inability to judge talent that was right in front of him. D. Yow won my loyalty the day she fired him. Glennon was NEVER 10% of the qb of RW. Look at each one's development in the pros. God I hate TOB. RW can say anything he wants and I have his back. Monteith and TOB belong in the same hole. I must stop and take a chill pill. 

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,645PFN Referee
    edited December 2019
    Glennon was drafted earlier than Wilson.  So...almost every NFL front office thought similarly, even after the WI "prove it" tour.

    I mean, obviously, lots of folks were wrong.  Wilson looks like a Top 10 (recent history) NFL QB.  It just wasn't CRAZY to think that at the time.  Many folks thought both profiled as long-term backups, which was right re Glennon, wrong re RW.
  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 486
    king you are right, I still gripe only based on what a talent RW was on the field for the wolfpack and what absolute electricity he brought as a quarterback, lightning we've never seen (and likely will never see again) before at that position.  I do not believe TOB said all the things Russ said he did, at least not verbatim.  Of all things I hate about TOB I think he has very high character and highly educated, he may have been thinking what RW said he said but I have to believe his thoughts would've came out more eloquently.
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,645PFN Referee
    edited December 2019
    agreed, Sam.  I don't ever recall being as amazed as I was during Russell's freshman year.  Seemed like he only made 2 or 3 bad passing decisions all damned season!
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,645PFN Referee
    Plus, the story has been told often enough that I believe it - TOB apologized to the team for not burning RW's redshirt.
  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,459
    TOB needed Glennon to stay and play two years instead of having RW for just one season. He knew it would all come unwound as soon as he didn’t have an NFL QB. He needed that extra year to get closer to retirement. Ok, official retirement. That was TOB hitting the easy button. 
  • RW went in '12 draft #75 .Glennon in '13 #73. You cannot compare out of year....apples and oranges.  RW  won starting QB in first camp. Glennon sat. Stop calling RW a liar. 
  • realpackfanrealpackfan Posts: 220
    edited December 2019
    RW is the only qb I have seen roll left and throw back to the right with perfect accuracy.  Maybe Montana. 
  • TOB really didn't seem have post TOB NC State best interest the last few seasons, and it showed with recruiting.  IMO, he was just going thru the motions till his official retirement came.  I'm not fan of TOB but in his defense, RW did put him in a bad position.  I mean, and this is from a person sitting in the stands every game view, it seemed RW was committed to baseball more than football late.  He did the last home game senior fairwell cermony as if it was his last.  He signed with the Rockies and it appeared was gone.  I think RW is more blinded in memory by the fact he realized his baseball career was probably more a pipe dream than football.  And his only other possible dream option was play one more year of football.  He wanted it to be NC State, TOB had made the decision two more years with Glennon over one maybe season with RW....can't fault him for that.  RW played TOB or perhaps played the wrong cards for baseball over football.  Wisconsin went all in on RW but IMO he should show more appreciation for the opportunity giving at NC State over being bitter how TOB dealt his cards.  Without TOB, there is not RW at Wisconsin or Seattle. 
  • RW had committed to State before TOB was hired.  Go figure again 

  • RW took his first and last snap as a NC State qb under TOB direction.  Who recruited RW had nothing to do with what happened.  I guess who recruited RW is why Wisconsin was interested in him....go figure?
  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,575
    edited December 2019
    RW went in '12 draft #75 .Glennon in '13 #73. You cannot compare out of year....apples and oranges.  RW  won starting QB in first camp. Glennon sat. Stop calling RW a liar. 
    So those bubbles cure concussions?
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,143PFN Referee
    edited December 2019
    I have a view slightly different than most here.  It is sort of in between what Wilson says but not pro-TOB either.  Wilson is a bit of a spin machine, so I have increasingly dismissed his actual words. Time has a way of creating revisionist history.  He needs to let it go. 

    You can go back to the old site and find my posts at the time where I said this was a dead stupid move by TOB (and by NC State to let it happen).  Screw all those that thought Glennon to be the better prospect. I thought Wilson to be the better player and much better long term ambassador of the program.  You take one year of an All ACC QB as a senior over two years of a prospect you have on the bench.  That redshirt senior Wilson season was NC State’s best chance to put it all together under TOB.  We still did well with Glennon but not as good as we should have.

    That was bad program management by TOB, but he was clearly trying to get both he and Dana to retirement with a bit more in the till. It was a crafty move by Yow to let him do it, letting it blow up in his face and making it easy to fire TOB.  She’d have had a tough PR move firing TOB given he was “running a clean program,” was a military guy, and was beating UNC like a rented mule.  Letting this play out publicly soured many on TOB, which let her do what she wanted (which was to find her next James Franklin).

    I have long thought that Glennon was the one that forced “the meeting” where TOB told Wilson he wasn’t welcome back. And that meeting happened before the 3rd year of Wilson ever ended.  Glennon was transferring if Wilson was back.  Sorry coach, I’m too good to sit. Take it or leave it.  TOB has nothing else in the pipeline, had a new boss that was anxious to make a change, and decided that Wilson might light a fire in baseball and leave, so he took Glennon.

    Now let’s examine this baseball thing a minute because that is something that kind of gets glossed over.  While the game may be the one that Wilson prefers playing, he wasn’t all that good at it.  Maybe the football focus didn’t let him get the right practice reps, but he wasn’t starting at State, and was batting only like .242 despite aluminum bats.  To think that he was really going to go to some low level summer league team and tear it up was was laughable at best.  It was an excuse to cover a move TOB wanted to make.

    At the time Spring practice was TOB’s excuse.  Because Deb was breathing down his neck, he couldn’t have Wilson miss the Spring practice reps.  No Spring practice, no fall football.  That decision was made in the first semester. And that decision was about keeping Glennon on the roster. Keep in mind that Wilson has missed the prior three Spring practices and still won the job in fall camp.  There’s no reason to think that couldn’t have happened again. In fact it likely would have, except that Glennon wasn’t going to be on the roster to let it happen.  

    The first public interview of this by Wilson at the time was that TOB wasn’t going to let him even compete for the job at State.  Nothing at all about being the starter.  Wilson knew he could roll into fall camp and beat Glennon out again just like he had done before.

    The thing that chapped my hide more than anything was this Spring camp nonsense.  NC State had made a commitment to Wilson to let him play both.  Avent, Trestman/Chuck and the AD (who I think might have been that interim) had agreed that Wilson could play baseball in the Spring.  That is the only reason we even had the guy.  That’d also been fine the previous two years for TOB as he was gifted a generational QB.  TOB welched on that deal because he did what was best for him.  Yow let him do it because she wanted to get him in the committed ultimatum (ACC CG appearance Glennon’s senior year or gone).  I’m sure both would argue they were doing NC State’s best interest but it always looked fairly self serving to me.

    The point of my rambling post?  There was a lot of selfishness in the whole situation.  It was Wilson for wanting to chase baseball, TOB to preserve his job, Glennon for wanting to transfer, Yow for wanting TOB gone, etc..  It’d be best for all parties if Wilson let it go.  NC State has fired TOB, kissed and made up and the AD that let it all happen isn’t even here anymore.  While it is another example that NC State could screw up a two car parade, it is best if this went away along with our other chapters of mediocrity.
  • Yeah, if he keeps this B.S. up, Wisky can claim him as far as I’m concerned. Again, only at NC State
  • Whether RW cares to admit it, TOB was an influence (positively or negatively) on him and in shaping him the person/player he is today 

    If Russ truly likes the person who he is today then why continue to seemingly hold a grudge?  Maybe if he stays at State, he doesn't get the opportunity to be an NFL starter.  Instead, he languishes in the minor league, doing his best Michael Jordan and trying to fulfill his father's dream.  No SB trophy, no Ciara, no mega stardom.

    I suggest RW and TOB go see the Mr Rogers movie together and hash this out if they want.  Otherwise, I'm cool with this one entering the cone of silence.
  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243
    Yeah, if he keeps this B.S. up, Wisky can claim him as far as I’m concerned. Again, only at NC State
    Maybe I missed it, but what did RW do? 
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