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Football stats that are interesting

I am as frustrated as everyone else but I was playing with some numbers.  Are we as bad as we look?  Sorry for the length post but it was very eye opening and telling.

I took statistics from P5 games for all our opponents (excluding ours, dont want to skew the numbers) to show what our opponents do in similar games.  Obviously a blow out could skew numbers (a team behind is throwing more than running etc) but this was a fun and discouraging exercise.

West Va
Averages 70 rushing yards per game, but had 173 against us.   Their 2nd highest total, had 192 against Kansas
Averages 248 passing yards, had 272 against us, 3rd highest for them

Gives up 170 rushing yards per game and we had 144
Gives up 270 passing yards per game and we had 225

Averages 18.75 pts scored and 33.6 points against.  We lost 44-27

Florida St
Averages 137 rushing yards per game, only 53 against us (8 sacks took away a lot of yards)
Averages 259 passing yards, had 316 against us

Gives up 170 rushing yards per game, we could muster only 88
Gives up 259 passing yards, we had 282

Averages 25 points per game and we gave up 31.  Gives up 28 points per game, we had 13

Averages 129 rushing yards, only 41 against us (8 sacks again)
Averages 221 passing yards, had 300 against us

Gives up 263 rushing yards, we had only 104
Gives up 253 passing yards, we had 260

Averages 23 points per game, we gave up 10.  Gives up 38 points per game, we got only 16 (their 2nd lowest)

Boston College
Averages 253 rushing yards, we gave up 429 (their 2nd highest)
Averages 226 passing yards, we gave up 103 (why pass when you run for 429?)

Gives up 214 rushing yards, we got only 56 (by far their lowest)
Gives up 323 passing yards, we had 310

Averages scoring 31 per game and got 45 on us.  Gives up 38 per game and we had 24 (also their lowest)

Wake Forest
Averages 151 on ground and we gave up 123. 
Averages 244 passing and we gave up 295

Gives up 198 on the ground, we got only 116 (their lowest)
Gives up 272 passing and we got only 149 (by far their lowest)

Scores 25 a game and scored 44 on us.  Gives up 35 a game and we got 10 (by far their lowest)

Klempsun (might be our best game statistically)
Averages 246 on ground and we gave up 246
Averages 286 passing and we gave up 303

Gives up 99 rushing and we had 124
Gives up 133 passing and we had 66

Scores 42 per game and had 55 against us.  Gives up 10.5 per game and we had 10

Averages 198 yards rushing and had only 77 against us
Averages 245 passing and had 249 against us

Gives up 207 rushing and we had 134
Gives up 291 passing and we had 243

scores 30 per game and scored 34 on us.  Gives up 41 per game and we had 20 (their lowest)

Georgia Tech
Averages 139 rushing per game, devoured us for 266 (their highest)
Averages 153 passing and had 129.

Gives up 218 rushing and we had 230
Gives up 237 passing and we had 227

Scores 18 per game and had 28 against us.  Gives up 36 per game and we had 26.

WVU - our offense was well under the WV avg defense and our defense well was well below their average O.  We scored below their average and they scored above their average.  We had 0 pluses and 6 minuses

FSU - 2 pluses and 4 minuses

Syracuse - we had 3 pluses and 3 minuses

BC - We had 1 plus and 5 minuses

Wake - We had 1 plus and 5 minuses

Clemson - We had 2 pluses, 2 minuses, and 2 break evens

Louisville - We had 1 plus and 5 minuses

GT - We had 2 pluses and 4 minuses

TOTAL in 8 P5 games we only beat the averages 12 times, lost averages 34 times, and hit average 2 times, for a percentage of only 26%.

I started this because I was frustrated - how do these other teams give up so many yards and points and when they play us they all look like tournament teams?  

FSU gives up 28 and we scored 13.  Cuse gives up 38 and we score 16.  BC gives up 38 and we scored 24 mostly in trash time.  Wake gives up 35 and we scored 10.  Louisville 41 and we score 20 - see a pattern here?

Cheers -let's hope Saturday against the Cheats we can turn things around and stop them from traveling over the break.


  • To the admins, sorry for the length and format, maybe you know how to format better my data.  But it was definitely eye opening how statistically bad we are compared to what our opponents did in other games.
  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,426
    Look up our Co-OCs conference stats when they were last OCs...I think you will find it explains a lot and was as predictable as a shaky kicker missing a fg after being iced.
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,092PFN Referee
    choppack1 said:
    Look up our Co-OCs conference stats when they were last OCs...I think you will find it explains a lot and was as predictable as a shaky kicker missing a fg after being iced.
    The same can be said for Gibson..... Our new DC.

    That hire makes me think that DD isn’t going to be able to pull rabbits out of his hat.  He was coming off of a 9 win season and went with Gibson.  What can he hire coming off of a 4 win (dare to dream 5) season when he’ll be squarely on the hot seat?

    Given we owe DD the same amount of $$$ either way, the question is whether we can afford another year or bad recruiting?  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boo make a move, particularly if we look as hapless as the above against UNC.
  • No sense throwing good money after bad. If the belief is that DD won’t get better, a change is in order. Sooner is better than later. 
  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,426
    Great point on Gibson. Then again, who wasn’t impressed with WVa’s defense the last few years.

    It’s almost as if DD thought it was all him who won these games.
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,092PFN Referee
    edited November 2019
    Chop: I was “impressed” with WVa’s defense, but I don’t know if it was the impression that would personally make me want to go hire their DC. ;-)

    I noticed that Holgerson didn’t bring him to Houston either....
  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,426
    Haha! We managed to downgrade from Hux.
  • Don’t forget Ted Roof ahc/co-dc/s who was making 800k at GT.  How much was that one hit flounder?  Miss fits parade.
  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 484
    Jesus Christ.  This is the best most informative post ever on this site ever...and I mean no offense to any other poster.  We are putrid

    Gd we are awful
  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,381
    Those numbers will make you a Homecoming opponent at least three times per season. 
  • These stats don't really surprise me and just speak to the point we make about others having career days at our expense.

    I'd be curious to see how it compares to the previous 2 years (although I think I know).

    There is a reason we don't win the "big" game, get out-schemed, don't adjust quickly enough, etc..  
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