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NCAA Cloud Overhead Just More of the Same Weather

From even before his first game at N.C. State, Kevin Keatts has labored to move forward while dragging along other people’s baggage. If it wasn’t his former employer getting all the headlines when the FBI unveiled its sting of Louisville and others in college basketball, it was one of the other Adidas schools turning out to be N.C. State, thanks to the alleged indiscretions of Dennis Smith Jr. and Mark Gottfried and Orlando Early

Entering his third year with the Wolfpack, it doesn’t feel any closer to abating, what with the NCAA’s notice of allegations citing Smith and Gottfried and Early released in July and even the start of any resolution pushed back to November at the earliest.

At this point, it’s just the way things are, nonnegotiable and uncontrollable. Like the weather.


  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,505

    Thanks for that.  I for one, actually feel a little better.  If you read all the speeches from politicians to corporate executives and sound bites over the years....one of the MOST often quoted.  It was also a reaction to a certain folks weaseling out of bad behavior by asking for a definition of "IS"

    BUT, the new phrase that pays (or paid) was....IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    Braxton's comments were refreshing and honest.  We have, I think, a coach that is capable of forging ahead and focusing and keeping the team focused.  If you read the books and articles and such about V....they (the N&O, UNC BOG, NCSU Trustees, Chancellor Monteith, et. al) EVENTUALLY wore him down.  

    Illegitimi non carborundum

    So, it seems that we have a HBBC that has enough intestinational fortitude to keep the team focused on BASKETBALL and not the political or social or WOKE or whatever mood of the nation.

    I applaud that.....and hope that he is successful and sincerely believe that he is the FIRST HBBC since Jimmy V that has the talent and skills to do that....and also utilize the ON COURT resources that he has.

    Bravo to him....Luke wrote a good article....
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,105PFN Referee
    I have thought for a while that KK was our best coach since V.  This just reinforces that belief.

    I have heard from too many places that this NCAA mess is impacting recruiting, and I am actually fine with it.  That's to be expected.  It's part of why I don't favor an approach of lawyering up and delaying/fighting.  Cop a quick plea to what little they can pin on the school (tickets? please, that's at every school.  UNC is so bad that it is known states away), get the unknown from over the program and let's see what KK can do without one hand and one leg tied behind his back.

    The fans need to stick behind KK.  I firmly believe that the men's basketball program is in its best hands since the 1980s.  He's doing it with a style that has won titles before with lesser talent, and can do it again.
  • RickRick Posts: 2,180PFN Referee
    I like KK but I think he is fighting an uphill battle.
    No way we can compete with the blatant cheating going on in Durham and chapel Hill
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,105PFN Referee
    Rick:  Compete? Yes. Beat them head to head more than 50% of the time?  I agree, no.
  • Ha ha! Kansas AD had to apologize for booking Snoop Dog for their basketball event, because (shocker!) the performance included pole dancers, a money gun (I want one of those), and - wait for it... profanity! What the he🏒🏒 did they expect? I hate Kansas!!! I do like Les Miles however.
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