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Season Ticket Sales Curiosity — Particularity Basket Ball

We have had 4 LTR Champions Club seats since 2006...2 at first, then added two more a little later.  All paid off.  Think of it as a Time Share that ages out.  So....no sniping or cutesy remarks on whether you would or would not buy them.  We enjoy them and, fortunately due to dumb good luck and an NCSU degree, we can afford them without worrying about our retirement funds running nor our estate.

OK....That aside, we kept slipping in the priority scale.  Joined the WPC in 1971 or 2.  We have been assigned Arena East 1A BB parking since the first year.  Today, we logged on and did our “parking section” selection.  For GOD’S sake....kill the audio.  That smart ass guy telling me all sorts of BS when I am concentrating is the pits.  Worse yet....the idiotic tutorial.  

OK....pulled up Arena East.  WHAT....there are 30 or so spaces LEFT in 2A.  Wow....how’d THAT happen?  Anyway, we are closer and happier and I ain’t made any supplemental contributions or bought a tile in Reynolds or had a locker in the IPF named after my GKs.

Dear Wifey says.....  this is really odd.  Must be fewer folks getting parking passes as they just bought the tickets to keep their LTR and will peddle them and never go to a game....OR.....Some of the recent LTR purchases are in default....as in....they ain’t gonna make any more payments.  The continued annual payments for your LTR’s gets you a better priority number.

No insight as to why we moved up the food chain....but it does give me pause that with the impending or potentially impending sanctions in BB that some folks abandoned ship.

Comments or “so what is your point”?  When strange things happen and they are not the same as in prior years, I often wonder why and what is going on....


  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,099
    Some of the people ahead of you contracted Jim Morrison Syndrome. 
  • BasspackerBasspacker Posts: 209

    Texpack is partially correct.  A lot of "old" priority numbers that younger heirs don't want or can continue "giving". My kids used to love to go to Pack games, one even graduated from State, but life changes as they got older.  Moved away, has family of their own and as much as hate to admit....just lost interest in Wolfpack athletics. 

    Another reason and probably the biggest for most is the game day experience is just not worth time and money anymore when you now have so much more and better resources to watch games sitting at home in the lazy boy sipping your cheap beer. Heck, I've honestly even considered giving my LTR for that reason. Life changes, so does priorities..  I now have grandkids for one and would rather spend a Saturday afternoon with them than baking in Carter.   If something was to happen to me or my DW, I'm almost positive my kids would give up our LTR and priority parking even though the seats have long been paid for.

  • Good question, Roo.  I thought I recalled more good seats being open for Basketball when I looked this year.  That would mean that people bailed on the LTRs for whatever reason.  Football is 6 or 7 games and I enjoy making a day of it with friends and family.  Basketball is much more and I gave up on season tickets after making the late night drive back home after those 9 pm weekday games.

    As for why your rank is/was slipping.  If you got into LTRs early as I did with Football, the minimum annual contribution required is/was lower than folks that came in during later phases.  That means that they have contributed more over the past 8 years or so and their priority points have nudged by you.  

    The good news is that you paid less for the same seats.

    The Wolfpack Club used to have a priority points calculator on the their website and you could see your estimated rank by making a single (additional) contribution.  I had queried the calculator and with a 2k contribution, I could move my rank of 5500 to about 4000 (not worth it in my opinion).  Btw, to obtain the #1 spot, I needed to contribute over 4 million dollars. 

  • RickRick Posts: 1,890PFN Referee
    From a cost vs time vs results equation, I do not find value in attending any of the men's sports. Part of the problem is we have sucked for a long time. Part of the problem is I feel men's sports are a rigged game. It is a oligopoly at this time and I do not see that changing as long as the NCAA is involved. 

    I did get season tickets to the women's bball. My daughter plays basketball so she loves it and it does not seem as corrupt as the men's game. 
  • Rick, you are correct that it's a different value proposition for each of us.  Not that I like the results significantly more than other, it's just that long ago I ramped up my tailgating game to ensure my desired level of enjoyment for a given day.  Easier to control what happens outside the stadium as compared to within. 
  • RadmanRadman Posts: 23
    I have decided not to renew my football LTRs when they expire. I have no problem with the product on the field, I just no longer want to deal with the crowds and traffic. The family can tailgate on my back porch with cheap beer and meat on the smoker. 
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,314PFN Referee
    Radman said:
    I have decided not to renew my football LTRs when they expire. I have no problem with the product on the field, I just no longer want to deal with the crowds and traffic. The family can tailgate on my back porch with cheap beer and meat on the smoker. 
    This was me when I gave mine up.  Haven't regretted it one iota.  The live sports experience has been made worse and worse, while the TV experience just gets better and more convenient.
  • oldwolfoldwolf Posts: 115
    We we dropped our PSLseats a couple of years ago as we retired and commenced with traveling and time at beach.
    plus 50” digital tv on porch makes for some fine Home tailgating.

    too many noon games and PTB trying to take away many of the fun experiences.

    still go to a couple of games per season.  The WF game last year nearly did me in with the heat and sh*tty play by the Pack

  • I found this beauty works out well for noon kickoffs.  Blood Mary bar and cook whatever you want for breakfast/brunch and you don't really care about much else.  

    Then again, it's really just an excuse to get together will other friends whom I only see once or twice outside of football games.

    Blackstone 36 Griddle Cooking Station 1

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 1,612PFN Referee
    I am thankful for all who have season tickets and fill the stadium.  The last time I had that much time I was willing and able to sink into that endeavor was when I was a student.  

    I don’t even watch the regular season games live any more unless I have a ticket.  That is true even of night games.  
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,314PFN Referee
    My oldest kid goes to EZU, my younger one just started at State.  They wanted all 3 of us to attend the opening game this season...but it's at noon and I would die.

    Otherwise, perhaps I would re-visit my solemn pledge never to attend another game vs. those jackasses.
  • Haha.  I currently have one child at ECU and one that graduated from ECU.  While they are both NC State fans, they feel compelled to root for ECU.  As a result, they each decided that going to beach with friends was going to be a better way to spend the weekend.  

    KH_BJD, what's worse than watching us play them in CF?  Watching us play them in Greenville AND losing.  The things I do for my kids.  Then again, when I helped my daughter move into her house in Greenville, it struck me that I never visited her in Greenville this year as she had actually moved herself into her apartment.  We always just met in Raleigh.  I guess she's a smart cookie. :)
  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,314PFN Referee
    yep, that's exactly how mine is.
  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654
    edited August 2019
    My daughter got 2 years of training in how to party at ECU, then transferred to Meredith where she got her MRS.
  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,385PFN Referee
    Greywolf said:
    My daughter got 2 years of training in how to party at ECU, then transferred to Meredith where she got her MRS.

    Funny that. My wonderful wife of 34 years graduated from Meredith.
  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,099
    My Mother was a Meredith Alum. 
  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,015
    Small world - small world.  DW transferred from “Women’s College” or UNCG when we eloped and graduated from Meredith in December, 1967.

    Daughter graduated from Meredith in 1994....

    Throw in my BIL’s wife (he is a State Grad also) and we got three Angels and my GD might be #4....or third generation Meredith Grad....
  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,099
    My season tickets arove today. Go Coogs!
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