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  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 472

    Well shit, that was a tough one for cbs to pick. Sad, so sad but remind me when we finished higher than third in the expanded ACC....(crickets)...yep, probably our ceiling for quite a while. Anyway this guy who used to say things to the wife like "damn, we're gonna be good this year" has now been reduced to hoping we don't shit ourselves against EZU, beat UNCheat and the biggest miracle of all....come here, to god forsaken Winston Salem, my hometown and beat a seemingly lesser Wake Forest team. Stop, I'm sorry Wake, you are obviously not a lesser football team than NC State. I think Lawrence is damn near the best QB Clemson or the ACC has seen, maybe ever. The Cuse has figured out in two years what we haven't in 30 and you know FSU will be talented. COME ON BOYS!!! SURPRISE ME!!!!

    No matter....GO PACK!!! GO TO HELL UNC

  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,087

    Not a CBS pick but a balloting of ACC media members.

    Shocking to see UVa the pick to win the downtrodden Coastal.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    Finished 2nd in 2017 with a 6-2 conference record. Doesn't take much memory to go back to 2017.

  • oldwolfoldwolf Posts: 117

    Well, the biggest joke in this is that inthe Coastal, every single team, including the holes, received a first place vote.

    somewhat surprised to see FSU being ahead of us seeing how we spanked them last year.

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,269

    Everyone thinks the FSU thing was a fluke last year. We are closer to Wake than to FSU in the balloting. Writers think Finley and Drink are going to be tough to replace. Until I see different, I agree. I think it’s really a 50/50 on having an equal offense this year.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    "We are closer to Wake than to FSU in the balloting." Closer to BC, not to Wake.

    3. Florida State — 753

    4. NC State — 666

    5. Boston College — 588

    6. Wake Forest — 462

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    IMO we will miss Drink, but not in a bad way. Further opinion, Drink's red zone offensive play calling left something to be desired. It also took longer to get the running game up to speed than I thought necessary.

    Reading about Drink he relied heavily on his offensive assistants for advice. This usually leads to a scattered result. (Too many cooks... etc.)

    Both Alabama and Clemson replaced starters with younger QBs last year (and those starters were still around) so replacing good, starting quarterbacks with younger qbs can be done without fall off in productivity.

    Right now McKay seems to have the lead for the position BUT IMO Leary would be the best replacement in the long haul. I've got reasons but they are all speculative. McKay would be an upstat in QB rushing yards but passing yardage may fall off. Best to hope for with Mac is a run/pass trade off.

    As good as Finley was Leary could be even better passing and I don't think Leary would be as shy picking up needed yardage on the ground.

    Regardless, I'm going to have to wait with the rest of you to find out.

  • RickRick Posts: 1,951PFN Referee


    I will give you one thing. You are the most optimistic State fan I have ever run across. Most are cynical or apathetic.

  • RickRick Posts: 1,951PFN Referee

    And that is a compliment BTW

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    Thanks, Rick.

    I get my courage to persevere from an Albert Einstein quote:

    “I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right.” 

    ― Albert Einstein

    When I coached youth football and soccer, I approached each game with the question, "How can we win this game?" How could be lose was not of interest. I'm that way about Wolfpack football. How is the coaching change going to make us better. Or how is the QB going to help us win more games. 😉

  • RickRick Posts: 1,951PFN Referee

    I coached both of my children through basketball and soccer and I had a very similar approach but I had some control over that.

  • RickRick Posts: 1,951PFN Referee

    And Grey that is a nice quote but this one comes to mind

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 462,596 times, shame on me"

  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,465PFN Referee

    Time to declare war on Acc foes and other sundry opponents.

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,269
  • File this as another ESPN "homering". Come on, look through those QB names and tell me that we don't deserve to be in the top 10.

    Seriously, shouldn't we measure who produced quantifiable NFL talent, not subjective college awards? More ESPN crap. No surprise.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 1,807PFN Referee
    edited July 2019

    It concerns me that the perception is that Syracuse has caught and passed us. While I like what Babers has done, I look at their team and see a lot of unknowns and the need to transition from a good college QB. I also see a team in upstate NY, which is not exactly a hot bed for talent, and doesn’t have a climate conducive to recruiting. If they really have passed us that quickly, it is troublesome.

    I don’t share that thought about FSU. They have tons of talent. I’d pick them second as well. Willie and staff will eventually get it together. It may not be this year, but there is some logic to that pick.

    As for Clemson, they are becoming what FSU was in the 1990s. The perception nationally isn’t quite as bad as “FSU and the 8 dwarves” but the reality may not be far off. Clemson has been in only a handful of close games since Jameis Winston left FSU.

  • RickRick Posts: 1,951PFN Referee

    Syracuse is by far the most troubling. It appears they have turned it around in a few short years and we are taking many more to be behind them.

  • I don't see Syracuse as having passed us. I do think we're in the same spot more or less.

    Just like us, they lose a top-notch QB and a number of starters on offense and defense. Last year was their best year in quite a while (19 years?) and I don't quite see them as having the ability to reload like a Clemson or Bama, no matter ho much I like Babers.

    I think a lot of media are thinking the new QB will pick up where he left off. Even if the new QB is everything they hope, he's only 2/3 of the QB he replaces, as he hasn't shown the ability to run like Dungey, or Ryan Finley for that matter.

  • oldwolfoldwolf Posts: 117

    Not sure that Syracuse has turned it around, Babers is in his 3rd year and has a 18-19 record having gone 4-8, 4-8, 10-3.

    this year could be telling, can they continue. Their previous 3 coaches were, 10-27, 25-25, and 14-23.

    They are also without Dungey, their top offensive player - he was the main threat as an offensive running QB.

    they are also”breaking” in a new QB and lost 3 OL starters.

    hete is a good writeup - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/college-football/2019/5/29/18641235/syracuse-football-2019-preview-schedule-roster

    it is somewhat too soon to say how they will be. They were picked to be last in the Atlantic division last year but wound up in 2nd place.

    we shall see how things turn out

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,607PFN Referee

    yeah, I could see almost anything beyond Son de Clem being the sure division winner.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    Let's get real here. This is to sell magazines. NC State leading the way in anything is going to cut into sales, not gain in sales. Who is going to jerk-off because Russell Wilson or Philip Rivers in listed - besides me and a few others. 😉

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 654

    How did EweNC do after their "breakthrough" 11-3 season? Many were coveting The Hat. Not so many now although I was sorry to see him go.

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