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State Releases NCAA Notice of Allegations and NCSU response



  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,664PFN Referee

    Punishing NC State is a good way to pretend that you care. Nobody really minds but us, and allows them to keep their corrupt house of cards standing.

    The courthouse circuit is just a good place to catch hold of what's in the wind. A great many of the attorneys have contacts within various universities and boards, and just generally tend to pick up on things.

  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 2,664PFN Referee

    If we fight them, we have a chance, but we have to fight like UNC did.

    I don't have any clue as to our financial situation, but UNC paid $12 mil to lawyer up. That's close to 4 years of Doeren's salary. I'm going to guess we aren't anywhere near able to afford to bribe lady justice.

  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 366PFN Referee

    I'd be willing to be the "real cost" was much higher! Pro Bono discounts to save their U!

  • Rye, love the Caddyshack reference.

    I do feel that the NCAA was embarrassed by UnC, but the thought of the two.crafting a joint exit strategy wouldn't surprise me whatsoever.

    Btw, I've run into Swofford a few times and apparently the only thing he is lifting a finger to do is to bring food and drink to his mouth.

    He is rapidly approaching Jabba the Hut proportions. Maybe the ACC HQ now resembles the bar scene in Star Wars. 😋

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee

    BJD: I agree. By teeing us up first because our transgressions “are so obvious,” the NCAA proves that it “has teeth” and is willing to punish “one of the big boys.” They almost have to punish us, almost like they wanted to do everything to let UNC skate. They have to prove they can self govern.

    What they have done is laid it out in a way that the things against the school are Level 2 violations. I fully expect N.C. State to get the maximum level 2 violation punishment allowable. Coach Gott and his gang will be done coaching college basketball.

    The real one to watch us Kansas and Self. Kansas is in the “too big to fail” bunch. I am not convinced there’s much love for Arizona within the NCAA.

  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 1,569PFN Referee

    Does anyone know what the max allowable punishments for level 2 violations are? Or will they set the bar with us?

  • RickRick Posts: 2,358PFN Referee

    It will be of the "bend over and take it like a man" variety.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee

    GSO: Caddyshack is awesome.

    The more I watched, the more I was convinced that the NCAA, ACC, UNC and ESPN worked together to navigate that to get to the outcome that they all benefited from -- and that was for UNC to keep right on playing with business pretty close to usual.

    The final chapters of that UNC investigation were pretty sickening. Jay Bilas and others delivered the message on live television through the NCAA tournament, including in games that didn't involve UNC. No punishment was coming, and the exact talking points that Bilas was rattling off may as well have been read straight from the NCAA's report (and likely were). No real punishment was handed out. Then the following week the NCAA hammered some HBCs and regional schools for far lesser transgressions. Pretty much classic NCAA.

    Only Yahoo, a reporter or two out of the N&O and NC State fans were really holding them accountable. I think by the end that group knew what was inevitable.

    Note that I said NC State fans. Our university clearly wasn't putting pressure on UNC at an institutional level. That could have been due to the BOG, or it could have been due to the fact we knew our own house wasn't clean. You make the call.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,664PFN Referee

    Rye - it was both.

    Also, it seems we have hired the very same lawyers, and I doubt they's a Wolven Sort Discount. So, we'll pay $10-15M and still get boned.

  • 44rules44rules Posts: 435

    Everything Rye said is how, having spent some years in media/reporting, the real world really works.

    While I doubt there's a Wolven discount, I hope (but doubt) we have a results-oriented contract, if not a money back guarantee.

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,653

    Rye - isn’t funny how those exact same entities virtually ran a train on us after our defeat of Clemson and loss to UVA leading up to selection Sunday. The NCAA, ESPN and Jay Bilas again leading the charge.

  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee

    Yep. The irony was not lost. I actually think on some level we were getting a post season ban.....

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,653

    Agreed. If you replace the NET rankings with previous RPI rankings, I am not sure there’s a bigger P5 snub.

  • KingHippo_fka_BJD95KingHippo_fka_BJD95 Posts: 3,664PFN Referee

    Meh, give it to us after 2020-21, which is shaping up to be a poop year/squadron anyway. Surely the lawyer-types can kill time so maybe we can enjoy the Markell Last Huzzah.

  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,653

    I would be fine with that. We are set up 2019-2020 for a very good year.

  • Just saw that Kansas was charged with lack of institutional control. Doesn't bode well.

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 2,513
    Self also charged with coaches responsibility violations. KU will have some choices to make regarding how public the sacrifice of Bill Self will be in order to be able to field a basketball team going forward. 
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee
    Kansas’ infractions will be a mere speed bump.  They’ll sacrifice Self in a second. In five years we will all be saying “Bill who?”
  • RickRick Posts: 2,358PFN Referee
    IMO this is why they extended KK's contract. They know the Hammer of Thor is about the pound us. 

    Why are they only going after Adidas schools? The NCAA is so corrupt.
  • Our goal should be to let the NCAA feast on the fresh meat that is KU, waiting in the wings once the bloodthirsty folks at the NCAA are sufficiently satiated.
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 2,153PFN Referee
    edited September 2019
    GSO: Maybe...Another option would be to cop a quick plea and pin it all on Gott and Early.  We could probably get off with a scholarship reduction and vacated wins.

    Rick: I tend to agree.  While I think that KK is our best coach since V (that bar is pretty low), I do think we are aggressive with the extensions to weather the storm.  We can’t have another Les/HWSNBN cycle.

    I also agree that the NCAA isn’t even trying to hide their corruption. Adidas wasn’t bidding against itself, and was losing many of those high profile players to Duke/Kentucky/UNC. Sugar Sean is a close pal of Calipari.  Birds of a feather... Self cited Duke in the conversation that got recorded...

    Sadly there is more chance that State gets nailed for DSJ than UNC was ever going to for all their transgressions, or that St. K even gets any sort of public scrutiny for the sham he is running at Duke.
  • RickRick Posts: 2,358PFN Referee
    Why wouldn't we call the NCAA on it's corruption?
    Literally, have a press conference and lay out what UNC did and point out the Nike connections etc. 
    I guess it wouldn't matter. I hate men's college sports. 
  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 488
    Rick said:
    Why wouldn't we call the NCAA on it's corruption?
    Literally, have a press conference and lay out what UNC did and point out the Nike connections etc. 
    I guess it wouldn't matter. I hate men's college sports. 
    No it would not matter but it's a point of principal.  No institution should accept anything the NCAA lay upon them post the UNC debacle.  
  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 2,664PFN Referee
    it's all one big scam
  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,653
    Agreed.  I think every school’s response should be “it was a typo”, we are not guilty and deny wrongdoing, as such, we refuse to honor any “punishment” given by the “honorable” committee, especially you Mark Emmert.
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