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David Thompson WOULD have been Forced to Wear Leg Weights....

The following is a story that popped up today. I WONDERED when I read it....and I read it TWICE...how THIS squares with Title iX. If you read it carefully....and I am NOT a Doctor (even though I spent a lifetime in a Holiday Inn Express) or a Geneticist....

This lady has a higher level of "Testerone" than MOST females. She (and I didn't put a camera in the locker room toilet) is supposedly "mechanically" equipped as a female. BUT, certain ruling bodies have determined it would be UNFAIR for her to compete.....

In my twisted and probably archaic logic, David Thompson had something "DIFFERENT" in his DNA. He could JUMP higher than most folks. If we had had extensive DNA testing and research "back then", then it would have probably been identified....synthesized and sold in the black market. SO, if the ruling bodies had decided that Thompson possessed an "imbalance", then the ONLY option would be to put leg weights on him to make it fair for his competitors.

Totally OFF topic, but really strange approach. I think that the NCSU CoEd Air Rifle Team is the ONLY NON-GENDER sport out there....MAYBE Bass Fishing....



  • choppack1choppack1 Posts: 1,426

    If she was born female and has not reached these levels through unnatural means, this is really awful. I mean, that’s all you can say, right? Is it Secreteriat’s fault his heart was bigger than other horses? Was it Wilt’s fault he was 7-1? Awful.

  • Cape_LobosCape_Lobos Posts: 8

    The lady in question has, if I recall, a Y chromosome and undescended testes, so it largely depends on your wokeness quotient as to where you place "they" on the only very, very recently expanded new, improved, non-binary, PoCemon point gender spectrum. Myself, I say that this is all going to get really weird, really quickly. Who here among us, ten years ago, would have predicted that the NCAA would be sanctioning the Old North State for insufficient obeisance to the desires of some of the least stable among us?

    Oh, and IXNAY on the mention of hobbling the able, as we don't want to give the poor dears any more ideas. Harrison Bergeron is supposed to be a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

  • 13OT13OT Posts: 70

    I was on the side of this athlete until reading the last post which mentions “hidden ‘nads”. Is “Hell No” Semenya really a make, a female, or, God forbid, both? Now I’m confused. Does this mean “her” body has natural male characteristics that would favor “her” as any of us guys would be favored over a normal female in athletic competition?

    To me, it’s not how much more testosterone is produced, but why is it being produced?

    The recent decision by the NCHSAA to (apparently) allow folks to choose to compete as a female when they’re physically a male is not only a cave to political correctness, but it’s just plain wrong for women’s sports.

    This world has gone down a slippery slope and may well be beyond the point of no return.

  • 13OT13OT Posts: 70

    A male. This iPhone has a mind of its own when it comes to spelling.

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 458

    Slippery slope it is. She is a he, or at least a shehe, which ain't a she. Descended or not nads is nads, and testosterone is not "made" in a purely she body. I knew someone once that fit this description, and that freak of nature is difficult to live with BUT it should not be allowed to be able to get an edge competitively. Nope, not fair.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,487

    first, 13OT, you can click on the upper corner of you post (maybe a gear) and edit it up to 60 minutes.

    i profess that anatomy (of course I did take a few post graduate courses in that off campus) and biology were not required for my BS- EOP. So, I guess the question is. Do she have a vagina? Do she have ovaries? Whatever else one defines a feminine....

    I often wondered about Britney Griner. I read this article a few years ago. Does NOT appear that the NCAA wants to follow (I THINK....again I ain’t no expert) the IOC. Since Britney played on a “team”, I assume that she passed a test, if required. She DID play or practice with her HS Boy’s team and had a FB coach work with her to bulk and condition. I ain’t up to going 10 rounds with her.


  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 458

    To best describe it, her plumbing got messed up due to a chromosomal abnormality. To answer the first of those two questions ... Yes. But hidden under the surface among that female plumbing is some male plumbing too, hence the term undescended, and in her case they ain't gonna become 'un'. But they are there, and the big T get's produced by them and enters her bloodstream.

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