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2019 Carolina Hurricanes Playoffs Thread



  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 978

    Well, that was fast.

  • GowolvesGowolves Posts: 284

    Great season but fell short. Boston was obviously the better team which pains me to say cause I can’t stand Boston and their fans.

    Now we will see what the owner and GM will do to make this team better, or move them to Houston.

  • TexpackTexpack Posts: 1,311

    Hurricanes would still work well as the mascot down here

  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 288PFN Referee
  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 288PFN Referee

    I will have to say that I was a Bruins fan back in the Orr, Esposito, etc. days, but have not been since the Canes move to Rawleigh!!

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 430

    Always hated the Bruins...period!

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 1,480

    But, I have spent millions on my RED wardrobe and also went through many “I HATE BLUE” training camps where I was punished for wanting or even eating one BLUEberry.

    I guess the only reason that I can justify pulling for or even showing a slight nod to St. Louis is that it is the home of Ted Drew’s and he originated the frozen custard “CONCRETE” that Goodberry’s “knocked off” locally and that Warren Buffett’s Dairy Queen copied nationally.

    i hope the Ninja anti blue enforcer squad doesn’t come after me. They were the inspiration for several of the cabal style hits on “The Blacklist”

  • HighstickHighstick Posts: 288PFN Referee

    I personally knew the former head coaches of both the Blues and the Islanders. It is a tough occupation!!!

  • GowolvesGowolves Posts: 284

    Looks like neither goal tender will resign with the Canes. Petr is wanting #1 goal tending money. Not sure he’s worth that. So bye bye. Curtis is 36 so no need to give him a extended contract.

    I think the Canes wanted to keep the two system going but neither wanted that.

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