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2019 Carolina Hurricanes Playoffs Thread



  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 512

    He was on that team but he's played on other squads and won other rings. I was really happy to see him come back. He and Rod were close friends and I have no doubt he is that 'team' coach like Rod was in 06. Great teams have great leadership 'on the field' in this case the ice. He is a great leader.

    I'm having so much fun watching this team. i knew they had a chance when the took two from the Caps at home. When they won that sixth game I knew they had a chance to take 7 on the road. But i must admit with the Isles sweeping the Pens I was concerned, until that first win on the road against them. Odds now at 3-1 to win it all.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    Good question about the goalie if Mrazek is ready. My guess is he will go with McElhinney until he loses.

  • RickRick Posts: 2,665PFN Referee

    My bet is he goes back to petr

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 512

    Hockey players are a superstitious bunch if ever there was one. They may not make the switch but then again unless he gets better this discussion may be moot.

  • SamIamSamIam Posts: 603




  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    God only knows, and He ain't saying, how Mrazek's recovery is really coming along. Both are good enough to be alternated during the season. Only when it came down to the playoffs did Mrazek get the "official" starter designation.

    Historically this is similar to 2006 when Cam Ward came on to replace the regular goalie and never relinquished the job.

    Mrazek is the goalie of the near future. I would not take a risk of aggravating the injury as long as McElhinney is winning AND playing well. I say give the injury as much time to heal as I possibly could without risking losing a shot at the Cup.

    Emotionally I would like to see McElhinney stay on and win the Cup. What a story. Goalie rescued off the goalie trash pile and winning the Stanley Cup between the pipes for a Bunch of Jerks.

    IMO Mrazek is the better keeper but that doesn't make him the immediate best choice. Interesting enough the guy who will make the decision isn't Roddy. Rod says he does what his goalkeeper coach says -- that he (Rod) doesn't know anything about goal keepers. Smart man.

    I'd appreciate hearing some of the thought processes of the "switch back to Mrazek" folks. It's clearly not a cut and dried decision.

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 512

    There is on other thing at play. I hockey in particular you see in on the penalty kill. The intensity on the kill side goes up a couple of notches. In this case the new netminder came in that the canes immediately stepped up their game. Game 4, give up score on penalty kill and immediately they went into overdrive. It's almost like someone told 'em "Sik 'em boys".

  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243

    Boston up 3-2

  • GowolvesGowolves Posts: 284

    I definitely think that they will not rush him back but if he is fully healthy then I go with him. He was listed day to day as soon as the game he left early. So with this extended break I think he has the time to be ready. He showed the last month of the season he got the hot hand. Petr is the younger of the two but has more time playing in the playoffs than CM.

    This is not nearly as important because the moment is now, but next year one if not both are on one year contracts so that will come into play after this season. Just checked and Petr is on a one year contract at 1.5 million. He will be a unrestricted free agent. He’s 26. On the flip side CM is 35 do 36. He was acquired from Toronto in a trade. It was a 2 year contact for 1.7 million but the Hurricanes are on the last year of that contract so he’s available as UFA after the season. Players do have ego’s and a long memory. So you have to at least keep that in mind if everything else is equal.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    Good comments, Gowolves. Thanks

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    The announcers said the Canes "respected" the Islanders too much on the first penalty kill. That correction got put in and that was it for the NY PP.

    Strangely enough Aho is dangerous on the PK. Then again all the penalty killers are.

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 512

    Well I think announcers say crap just to hear themselves talk. That was a REALLY early penalty, and not everyone was really geared up yet. Had the Isles taken that first penalty that early the canes could have had a really early goal. The first 5 minutes of any game is totally up for grabs. Until everyone has gone through a shift they really aren't engaged.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    Yogi, You are using a pretty broad brush here to paint all announcers. I would argue that some such as John Forsland know what they are talking about.

    I'm not a "hockey guy" but it appeared to me that we were laying off and not attacking the Isles PP -- giving the Isles to much room to shoot and to much time to see passing lanes.

  • turkeydanceturkeydance Posts: 170

    well, i was wrong.

    playoffs? hurricanes?

    y'all have fun.

    i don't know ice hockey.

    and it doesn't matter one bit.

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 512

    It was a general statement and I stand by it. Talking heads are just that. Some better than others, yes. Some worse than others, yes. But as one who has been a talking head at one time in my life there were times I said crap just to fill up air time. From my perspective they it's like restrictor plate racing. You ain't at full speed until the 3rd or 4th turn. Seen it happen many times in all sports, not just hockey. From what I saw the penalty allowed the Isles to get a jump on them. Saying the Canes didn't "respect" them. Ahhh, NO! As Sheriff Buford T. Justice would say "The damned Germans got nothin to do wit it".

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    Talking heads? I'd have to agree with you.

  • GreywolfGreywolf Posts: 680

    Yogi, "Respected" was not to be taken literally. "Respected" was in the context of the Isles' PP. We weren't playing it tight enough. There is a fine line between playing it too tight and playing it too loose

    Where you and I differ isn't in regard to the PP but in regard to it taking 5 minutes of game time to get up to settle into the game. If that is happening it's on the coaches IMO.

    What we do see at times is a team coming out and trying to over-power or out play an opponent. Doesn't work as well with a team that believes in themselves such as the Canes.

    2 goals down isn't insurmountable with these Canes as we have seen.

  • YogiNCYogiNC Posts: 512

    I stated 5 minutes because that's about the time it takes to get through everyone getting their first shift. In football we used to say you ain't in the game until you either hit somebody or somebody hits you so hit 'em hard and often. Same thing for Hockey.

  • WulfpackWulfpack Posts: 2,243

    Bruins up 2-0 in the third. Looks like we are getting Bahstan.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,969

    Confirmed. It be the BRUINS. Trivia that I learned last year when we did a rather long tour of CA and the NP.

    California (Berkeley) has the Golden Bears as a mascot. Unfortunately, the Golden Bear was an “ill tempered & very LARGE sub species” of the Grizzly Family. When folks moved in and brought in cattle, the Golden Bears feasted. Then the ranchers and prospectors launched an extinction campaign. Technically, there ain’t NO Grizzly Bears in Californy....

    The lack of habitat has prevented reintroduction and even the CA legislature ain’t interested in bringing back the varmit...or maybe the predators.

    Instead of just killing them, they were also captured and pitted against bulls and other enemies. Sort of a “Gladiator” match. No truth in the myth that the Wall Street Bull and Bear names came from the fights.

    The UCLA Bruins is also a misnomer. The name Bruin comes from a fable from Reynard the Fox...and refers to the European BROWN Bear. Spent a little time in LA and Boston....never saw a brown bear roaming. Lot of folks that looked “grizzled” or looked like a Bear.

    now you know....

  • GowolvesGowolves Posts: 284

    8 PM Thursday night is game one in Boston. John Forsland will not do the TV broadcast for NBC but will be on 99.9 the Fan.

    They haven’t decided when game two will be. I think these two games in the West tonight are playing a factor when the second game in the East will be played.

  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 2,969

    Just when the media professes to be TOTALLY UNBIASED....then these clowns come along. Link will be at the end due to editing issues.

    The sports Shock Jock, who appears to have been a prize pupil of Howard Stern, is really a JERK. He personifies what Yogi (and I) know and think about some of the talking heads that have a microphone and/or a camera. I hardly EVER defend the N&O, but in this case, I’ll make an exceptional.

    i certainly hope that this brings about the Thurl Bailey syndrome for the Canes (Sydney Greene of UNLV trash talking Thurl). Good thing the idiot in Boston did not call Sylvia Hatchell for a follow up on her retirement. He would have had made fun of her accent and had enough fill material for a month. Hope that Brind’Amour taped a copy of this in every players locker.

    Boston radio host doesn’t like News and Observer hockey writer’s accent, ends interview


  • GowolvesGowolves Posts: 284

    Buck Foston!

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