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Game Behavior

redwolf87redwolf87 Posts: 9
edited April 6 in Wolfpack Sports
I sense the times they are a'changin', but I wanted to run this experience through the community and get some feedback.

My two daughters (ages 24 and 21, one a State MS grad and one working on her BS) went with me to the NIT game with Harvard.  I really wanted them to have a men's basketball experience in Reynolds, even though it's nowhere near what it used to be due to the seat reduction.  I do have to admit that I was impressed with the volume even with 5.5K seats.

We got there a little before game time, and I was worked up into my typical frenzy (which is quite a bit reduced from the old days), and when the fight song and "Red and White" played, I was into it.

In front of us were a young family with two young boys, seated between the mother and father.  As soon as I started to yell at the introductions, and the game, the kids got uncomfortable and the mother (and to a lesser extent, the father) turned and stared at me.  This began almost immediately.

I was not being profane in the slightest.  I was not at all being offensive.  It was almost like these people thought I was just supposed to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut or say "oh yeah, go team."

I almost thought there were a casual family out for a nice night out who weren't State fans, but one of the kids was wearing State basketball shorts.  So I think they were at least a State family.

Have we gotten to the point now where, just because somebody brings young kids into a sports arena, that we aren't allowed to get loud and proud and show them just what it means (or, at least in this day and age, used to mean) to rally behind your team?

If this is what the "game experience" has become, count me in with the people staying home and watching TV.



  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 1,465
    I was at all the NIT games as well as the Women's games in the VALVANO.  I had various friends and family with me.  My 15 YO GS was estatic.  He jumped up and down and cheered and was overcome with the REYNOLDS atmosphere.

    Now, he is NOT a novice at NCSU BB games (and FB).  He has been going to the PNC and the Champions Club since he was 4 YO.  We take his friends from time to time.  He is WELL versed in BB and is a real student of the game.

    He wants the PACK to go BACK to Reynolds, but understands the financial reality.

    I am a "People Watcher" (especially the more buxom ladies....an old airport habit as I was a Road Warrior).  I watched a LOT of families and also "groups".  At the NIT, there was one group of 3.  A male and a female and I assume, a slightly younger Sister, to the female.  The male and female cheered....jumped up an down....chanted....etc.

    BUT the younger (maybe late 20's) just "SAT THERE".  She smiled a lot.  But she showed absolutely NO enthusiasm or spirit.  Now she did NOT wear Carolina Blue.  But, it sort of baffled me....the best game experience that one could want....and you just SIT THERE.  She did NOT spend a lot of time on her phone...

    As to the younger family.  Folks need to learn to "be involved".  A real pity that their children did not see the enthusiasm.  I yell a LOT also.  I never curse or am profane.  I do razz the refs, but never an offcolor remark.  I will yell....CURSES and that is my disgust....and it is for BOTH side.  I have a friend in front of me at the Champions Club.  It is a standing JOKE....and his wife loves it....HOW LONG before he yells...."UNBELIEVABLE!".  His record is about 10 minutes....and the quickest was 30 seconds when Markell got a foul....

    We each express (or surpress) your enthusiasm.....
  • Fastback68Fastback68 Posts: 270
    It seems to me that the vast amount of young kids get into the game.  Now the tweens seem too concerned about being cool and reserved.  However, I specifically remember getting a lot of strange looks at PNC for yelling and encouraging Corch Jr to score when he got in late one game.  Of course, the judgemental looks came from the stampeding herd passing by on their way out.  Most crowds really go nuts when the subs come in.  
  • ryebreadryebread Posts: 830
    Isolated experience.  As long as it is clean, most parents don't care.
  • TheAliasTrollTheAliasTroll Posts: 1,529PFN Referee
    From watching on the TV as loud as the crowd was in Reynolds she was probably pissed at all 5k in attendance.
  • 4in124in12 Posts: 128
    Chapel Hill is not the only school with "wine & cheese" fans.
  • freshmanin83freshmanin83 Posts: 752PFN Referee
    Redwolf87 what did your daughters think of the experience?
  • redwolf87redwolf87 Posts: 9
    They loved it.  They commented on the noise and I said, "Just imagine what it was like in here in the Valvano era with another third of the end zone in place."  I did mention the popcorn smell wasn't as strong (miss that).

    We stayed for the Alma Mater and sang and swayed, and it was truly a moment to remember.  It was a great State family moment.
  • AdventurooAdventuroo Posts: 1,465
    FWIW.  I think that I have missed singing the Alma Mater less than 5 times since we bought our LTR in the Champions Club.  Traffic be damned.

    i take my GK’s down and I SING with GUSTO.

    I have gotten a few “AIR high fives” from fans in the first level as they walked out.
  • turkeydanceturkeydance Posts: 40
    since every little thing is now recorded for our lifetimes...
    people are circumspect in public if they have hopes for
    a "public" future without a potential "gotcha".
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