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  • Adventuroo

    You, my highly intellectual and worldly thinking compadre, are obviously wise beyond your moons. You are also a bit, as your analyst has probably intimated, are a bit on the paranoid side.

    good point. Nike and maybe some other interested, as well as covertly invested, UNIDICTED COCONSPIRATORS, don’t really want the MSM to run with this.

    i sure hope the NCAA figures out how to deep six this as conveniently as the did the UNC Great Unpleasantness.


    May 7
    • choppack1
      Roo - thank you for the kind words. I really liked your Gott -> Yow post, as you perfectly “parabalized” how the whole sad tragedy unfolded.

      I believe in coincidences, and I admit my paranoia, but this was way too convenient. Like you said, maybe the NCAA looks the other way on this one too.
  • freshmanin83
    You are welcome.
    April 21