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  • Cape_Lobos joined.
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    March 17
  • freshmanin83
    Rick said:

    I have told all of you I am all but done with men's college sports. It's a corrupt joke. 

    The women are great and very well coached
    Yeah you never miss an opportunity to remind us when you hate college sports but when our team is playing well you are right in the middle of it. It’s getting kind of tired. 

    Thank you, I have been wanting to say something very much like this but much less kindly for a while and so have not posted it. Glad you did. 
    March 17
  • Wulfpack changed their profile picture.
    March 9
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    March 6
  • tvp1 joined.
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    March 2
  • statwolf81 joined.
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    February 18
  • Adventuroo
    He is a retired fighter.....Maybe Evander Holyfield.  Dickie V did a bit (photos....not video....from a poor resolution cellphone) with him as he walked in.  They just jaw jack....  

    I may be WRONG on the name....but he is an ex boxer or supposed acclaim.

    NOW you know.....
    February 17
  • freshmanin83
    I think the LadyPack is on the road.
    February 11
  • freshmanin83
    Adventuroo after reading your post on cuse game do you think we are playing an away game or at home ?. I think it is a home game if that might change your post.
    February 11
  • gowufpack92 joined.
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    February 7
  • jppackattack joined.
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    February 1